Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There Are Bad Boys, And Then There Are THE BAD BOYS

First off, let me apologize to anyone who hopes I got up in thinking that they were going to see me use a Fleshjack live on the Bad Boys On The Hudson Sea Tea. The fact of the matter is that from the moment I hit the stage, I was distracted.

Before I come off so cheap and tawdry, it wouldn't be right to not start by acknowledging Michael Fresco for having us, Will Clark for inviting me to perform another year, and the event's beneficiary, Team Eagle for their humanitaritan efforts, and DJ Randy Bettis for giving us music thta helped to keep our energy, therefore "other things" UP.
I also need to acknowledge all the familiar faces that I saw to make this day even more fun. Faces like Enrico Vega and Porn Journalist Vincent Lambert (who took all the photos here except those indicated by * from Brandon), as well as Sergio Anthony and Vin Nolan who to my surprise was actually brought in as a performer at the last minute. I was even interviewed for EDGE New York City by Mike Diamond, who was a guest on DList Radio the same day I was.

And last but not least, one of my MySpace friends D.J. Perez. It is always a pleasure coming face to face with the fans and friends you meet on line, and this time was no different. In fact, for all those who got an autographed photo from me, it was D.J. wh supplied me with the discount cards for Fleshjack and NakedSword.com.

In the past, when I've blogged about my being on the Bad Boys cruise, I've been quite discreet about the goings on behind the scenes and during the performances. You'll be glad to know that the goings-on were so HOT, that my being so discreet is not going to happen today.

I totally forgot that when Will Clark announced the schedule for all the pornstars to go up and perform, he put Tyger Hudson up first, followed by me. But remembering the chemistry me and Tyger had last year, I knew most like, that Fleshjack was going to be left on the side of the stage during my whole performance.

Tyger and myself made the crowd go wild, while I'm starting to market myself as more of my so-far off-camera position of versatile, I definitely left myself to being seen as a bottom with Tyger. But by no means did I make the simulated sex make me look like a passive bottom. After all, a passive bottom my size couldn't and wouldn't hold up the weight of a muscular guy like Tyger up on his back while Tyger grinds ferociously. Or thrust back on him.

*After Tyger was done with his set and left the stage, I decided to devote my attention to getting hard so I could give my Fleshjack show like I intended. However, to no avail was I getting hard. Since there were cute guys in my view to focus on, I thought I was having one of those days where I needed a touch in addition to visual stimulation. I proved myself wrong when I decided to check out the crowd of guys behind me.

That's when I saw him.
This blond who looked like he could be related to Mason Wyler with just a fine a body and a cleft chin. I immediately started getting hard, and the more I imagined his hot bod hovering over mine raining sweat on me while I grab his ass sweaty from the work of thrusting hard into me, the harder I became.
So why no show?
Because just as I was about to become hard enough that my cock would need a hole(like the one in a Fleshjack) for release, the stud suddenly walked away. And the shock sent my dick back to limping. I knew he didn't leave because he was bothered by my staring at him, because I wasn't. I took him in for a couple of seconds, and after that I stared at the walls while having my fantasy. Besides based on what I saw later, he probably wanted me to stare at him with the admiration his body deserved.

A few minutes after Mike Dreyden and Torez took to the stage, I left, gave myself a break, and changed from the underwear you see in the pic to a brown swimming bikini that matched my skin so well, you might think at first glance I was naked.
I decided to go back to possibly do another set. By now, there were already about 4 guys on the stage. While I was standing there contemplating, I saw the blond stud again to my right. This time with a crowd around him, and I knew he had to have been getting a blowjob. I decided to get on the stage. I played with Vin for a bit, then once again I got rowdy with Tyger to the crowd's delight. At some point, the blond moved from them and wound up in front of me and Tyger Hudson with this cock out. Me and Tyger double-teamed him going back and forth between one of us sucking his dick while the other licked his balls, then he jumped up on the stage and we really went at him. After I put in some major work trying to suck him as if I was farmer trying to get every last drop of milk from a cow's tit, me, Tyger, and everyone else could see he was about to pop, and I was the lucky recipient to get some of his jizz on my belly, while the rest went on his hand. Although, I would have preferred that he fucked my ass (like many in the crowd would have probably preferred), unlike those guys, at least I can say some part of my body got the taste and feel of his cock by way of a good face-fuck.

After being a slutty heathen, it was time for the raffle and autograph signing. I was so surprised to realize how far I've come from being often overlooked at this event to now becoming more of an attraction as the crowd showed me this past Sunday. So I was very grateful to ONE Condoms for offering to give me 250 condom tins with my blog logo on it. I started passing them out on the Sea Tea, then again on Monday at View Bar celebrating the success of Bad Boys On The Hudson, and the rest will be handed out on Wednesday night when I make my next appearance as guest caller at Porno Bingo. I hope to see you there are.

Thank you all for making this the best year yet for me. I'm so blessed to have you as fans.

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