Monday, October 29, 2007

Word Of Advice: Guard Your Sexual Ego

While I try to be true to my word and advise the up-and-comers in the adult industry, this blog entry is for you. And for the rest of you, it can bring you another step closer to what helped me make the decision to no longer work for Tyson Cane. So in other words, after these tales, there will still be more to tell as to what led up to the final straw.

Now, to help the up-and-cummers.

From the moment you step on a porn set, you need to know what you're capable of doing, and if you are not sure, then let your producer and director know that. It's more to your advantage that you know because (1)a director most likely doesn't want to be your sex ed teacher telling you what you like as an individual, so knowing can lead to more work; and (2)not all directors have professionalism as their forte, and they may say some insulting things about the abilities you are more than aware of the fact that you have.

Such was the case with Tyson Cane on the set of "The Interview". Tyson told one of my co-stars that they are "not a very good top".

What makes this such a prime example of a director lacking professionalism?

(1)He said this in front of me and a guest; and (2)my co-star has worked before as a top, in movies for another company, and for Tyson Cane as well, which most likely is why he was made a Tyson Cane Exclusive.

Being eyewitness to this greatly offended me, because like in mainstream entertainment, when a director inappropriately insults one of your co-stars, he ruins the good vibe that should be on the set. And on a porn set, a good vibe is tantamount to making a good scene. It offended me so that at one point Tyson Cane insulted me during the shoot. He made a comment about how long it takes me to cum, then insisted on mocking me for it. I have said in the past that I am not to fond on Tyson Cane's taste in men, and since the perfect example of that for me was my scene partner in "The Booth". He was who I was talking about in my blog entry for Pitbull, "My Little Death : Interrupted". Now with that being the case, wouldn't you take a while to shoot your load? So this time, he finally has not just 1, but 3 guys that are my taste, so cumming should be easier. Just like it was easy for the 5-man orgy in "69 Fuck Street". I was the 2nd one to shoot their load. But Tyson messed it up by ruining up the vibe on the set with how he treated my co-stars on this set (and past sets), plus his verbal attack on me, and all this was getting to be the last straw. I was trying for the cumshot, then he asked me if I was going to come, and I decided he doesn't deserve what I have to offer, so I point blank told him, "NO".

If he made a better vibe on his set that wouldn't have been an issue. I'm the type of person who has enough inner-strength that I don't get hurt by the hurtful and insulting things people say to me. Instead, I get angered by the possible injury those words can do to my spirit or that of my fellow man. And that was the case here. Thank God for my being self-assured, because his words could have cause my sexual ego some serious injury. And that's why I'm advising you up-and-cummers to go on a porn set self-assured of your abilities. So unwarranted verbal attacks don't bruise your sexual ego, because if it does, you may take your hurt beyond the set and into your personal sex life.

Porn actors are exhibitionists, and the director is supposed to be your voyeur, so knowing that he/she is watching and enjoying it is supposed to get you off. Your director should never say things to you that may possibly make you feel less than sexually well-equipped, UNLESS you did some false advertising of what you could deliver, and have no video credit to back it up. But after 6 movies, that is not the case with me. And I want the same for you.

I hope this advice helps all of you up-and-cummers. I give these words of advice so that I can beat my meat to you guys and feel that without a shadow of a doubt that the pleasure moans you're giving in your scenes are 100% real. So go out there, know how great a fuck you are, and make it my pleasure to beat my meat to you.

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