Thursday, October 25, 2007

Model For Art and/or Blasphemy?

This past Sunday proved to be a very busy day for me as well. For starters, after I went to see my friends one-man show at BAAD. A few of us got on the 6 train, went to the East Village, and went to Nowhere. The rush of new happenings didn't even stop there, because as I was ordering a beer for my friend, the bartender told me that some guy paid for the beer. I've never had someone across from me in a bar pay for my drink before, so I had no idea of what the proper etiquette was in this situation. And neither did my friends. There was nothing really wrong with the guy from what I saw. It's just that Saturday gave me such a rush, and I felt Sunday was going to be the same way, so I not only wanted, but needed this to be my cool out period.

Smart move on my part, because Sunday was exactly as I expected.

I decided to go spend the afternoon at Daniel Nardicio's Sundays @ The Bijou again, and get in some model drawing there was a chance I may actually end up modeling. You see, on the Friday before, Daniel put out a bulletin asking if someone wanted to be a model for Sunday. I replied a little too late, because Daniel replied saying that he already told someone else "yes", but there's a chance he might back out, and if he does, he would let me know ASAP. So I went to the Bijou Sunday thinking that I was going to draw the model, but my 6th sense knew that I would be the model. As soon as I walked in the door, Daniel saw me telling me the guy never showed. So I got undressed and waited for someone to come by pick up a pad and pencil, and make magic on paper with me as their subject.

While waiting, I met Chaz and Lonni, better known as Whore's Mascara. They walked by with Daniel and saw me waiting on the bar. Lonni made me especially nervous because if it wasn't for being a little taller and heavier, he's almost a dead ringer for a Polish/Russian guy I tricked about 8 months after I discovered my sexuality 5 years ago. What makes it more intense is that guy was the 1st person that I declared as the best sex I ever had at that time. Now, considering how I've come to realize that just as most people who look alike tend to act alike, and the same seems to hold true for sexual performance, I had to put my mind on other things to avoid my dick from standing at attention.

Only 1 guy came by to draw me. He said he hadn't drawn in years. Well, from what you see here, drawing for him was like riding a bike - he didn't forget a thing.
With no other takers, I just hung out. Then Daniel asked me about appearing at his after-party for the Gay Erotic Expo. Due to what I wrote in my blog about the Bijou, and seeing the trailer for Dark Alley Media "PASSIO", he wasn't sure because of my religious convictions as to whether or not I'd be OK doing what he was about to ask. To promote "PASSIO", he asked if I minded being tied to the cross totally naked like Danny Fox was in the movie. Consciously, I have no idea why, but I responded with a bright and shiny, "Sure." He told me that people would be able to walk by and touch me and suck on my dick, which is pretty much how Danny Fox is done in the movie.

With my religious convictions, you would think I would have turned my nose up at this, but I think my subconsciousness played a big part in that. For (1) I tend to like the extremities of Daniel's parties, so this was a way to be a part of that; (2)I knew when the go-go boys brought me in to be tied to the cross that the sight of what may be perceived as a black Jesus was going to throw many for a loop, and I love shocking people; and lastly (3)it gave me an insight into bondage, and that's something I've never tried before.

I have to admit, I did get quite turned on while up there. I was there on display for the crowd. "I'm all yours, so touch me, rub me, suck me all you want, because I have no say in the matter" is basically what my body was saying while being tied to that cross. And being typical fashion of why I nicknamed myself "The L XTreme" in my non-porn life, it would take an extreme measure to make me try bondage. And the exploration of bondage is what I kept in my head after I agreed to this. My religious convictions did make me question it. But based on the story description, I tried to see it from the gay erotic artist perspective of what if there was some other way for Jesus than to go through such an ordeal. Which is actually a question every person told that Christian tale should have asked themselves at one point or another.

I was on that cross for about 30 - 45 minutes, then I went to enjoy the party. I did make out with one guy who felt me up while I was on the cross. He was so adorable, I had to grab on him what he grabbed on me. I guess that's the part of bondage that makes it hot. All the pent-up energy in your hands to repay your sex partner for all the pleasure he/she gave you, but being unable to reciprocate because you were tied up.

As you can see, I had quite the weekend. I think this weekend will be a more tame one. Believe me, after last week, I need another weekend with that many adrenaline rushes just yet.

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