Thursday, October 18, 2007

There's A Reason They Are Called "QUEENS"

If the tone at the end of my last post sounds like I’m insulting size queens, then I said it right. Besides materialistic shitheads, size queens are another problem within the gay male community. The reason there is no such thing as a size KING is because a king is meant to be a real man. And no real man is going to fault a guy for having a small penis. It is an act of nature beyond his control. Maybe, if the unattached guys stop following the porn-induced fallacy of how “bigger is better” they would have a hole that could find pleasure in a smaller cock like I have. The problem is that all those guys who followed that porn-induced fallacy now have assholes stretched out wide as the Grand Canyon, so all their bodies can accommodate is a big cock. Now, this is meant to sound insulting for those single guys who will play with only large cocks. If you are a guy in a long-term relationship and your boyfriend or life-partner just happens to have a big cock, that remark is not meant for you, because your body is then just forming the accommodate your significant other. BUT if part of the reason why you chose him is because of the reason like the shallow wide-holed single guys, then YES that insult goes for you, too.

Some quick advice:
If you don’t want that loose wide hole that makes it so easy for me to insult you, then try to stay tight by doing some kegels.

Kegels may very well be the reason why I have dated and tricked with men of various cocks sizes with practically all of them claiming how tight I am. I have been with guys probably about 5” long to guys about 11”. And some guys whose cocks are thin to guys thick like the Frenchman, which is the thickest cock I have ever been fucked by. I brought up the variety of sizes of men I’ve been with to show that I try my best to be someone who practices what they preach. My only requirement for the guy I lust to be fucked by is that he has a dick to fuck me with. Nothing more.

Earlier, I said that the idea of how “bigger is better” is a porn-induced fallacy. More gay porn than straight porn actually. And many of you may find it strange for this criticism to come from a Porn Actor who is a bottom on-camera. But you need to remember, since I've been writing this blog, I have taken risks by telling many truths that need to be told, and this is no different. Because it’s true, and I would so love to change that from being the case. I would like to for once be fucked on-camera by a guy(s) with average or what may be considered below average size cock(s), and be totally honest with my reaction. And I’m sure that my reaction will most likely show me loving every thrust made into my ass, because I seem to have a knack for picking guys who are good in bed. Of the guys I’ve had off-camera, (besides the drug-induced fuckers who couldn’t get it up or keep it up) I only had one guy who was just OK. Every other guy, be they a guy I was dating or a trick, knew how to lay that pipe (be it big or small) in my ass in a way that blew my mind.

I feel that porn studios who encourage that falsehood, are just as much of a danger to scarring men’s sexual self-image, as the fashion industry is a danger to women’s self-image by encouraging that being rail-thin is the way to go. Although the falsehood by the fashion industry actually leads to death, the fact that both hurt a person’s self-image makes their actions appalling. I am so sick and fucking tired of getting spam email trying to send me to a website to buy male enlargement pills or penis pumps, because it’s a sign. A sign that there are men whose sexual self-image have been bruised to the point that they are buying into this bullshit, and buying these products. Because if they weren’t buying into it, these spam emails would stop, being that these companies had to pack it in for lack of business.

I wonder how much better in bed are the guys who do buy these products. I doubt they’re much better. In fact, I bet they’re worst. Before buying that penis pump or taking that pill, they probably could lay a fuck on you that would make you orgasm from head to toe. That is if you’re man enough to not be a size queen. Now, if they seem better, it’s probably all in the person’s mind. I would most likely find them lousy because he’s not working with the beautiful rod God gave him, because what God gave him was custom made to fit him and his skills as a lover. And like I said before, I like nature, so any man-made adjustment, especially to the penis will lessen that for me.

Just to reassure some of you that there is nothing wrong with you, I myself have been told that my cock isn’t big enough to be a top by Tyson Cane. It was in a conversation where I wasn’t even asking about topping in one of his movies, but he presented that insult to me anyway being the no-tact low-class ass that I now admit he is. I’ll get more into the entire conversation in my next blog entry for my “Word of Advice” series. My point is that what he said to me could have seriously bruised my sexual ego, as someone saying it to some of you may have led you to buy some enlargement pills or invest in a penis pump. But I was secure enough with myself to not let his ignorance get to me. I was angered by his remark because of what it could have done to me if I was less secure with my sexual ego. That’s why size queens should not run porn studios.

This is what I told myself that day. Now you re-word that in whatever way you need to depending on your preferred sexual position, “I am a versatile bottom. I love to get fucked in the ass, and I sometimes like to fuck ass, and I have a willing and able dick to prove it when I choose to.”

Even some straight women know that bigger isn’t always better. I mean I have picked up quite a few Playgirl magazines over the years, and I jerked off to many a hot guy from their pages who is not so well-endowed. And as successful as Playgirl is, they must be on to something. So you’re going to let straight women show the world that our male sex appeal is not only, if at all in the size of our cocks? That’s why the size queens of the gay male community are just that - queens. They are unfit to be at the top like the KINGS, because their not smart enough. Kings are real men who don’t make penis size a requirement to display a man as a stud. A king’s only rule regarding a penis is that the man has one to display.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy the sight of a big cock, and I revel in the challenge of taking on each long and/or thick one on any hot guy I see. The insults I have thrown out in this post are for those that make it a requirement for a sexual partner, which I do not. We as gays have enough judgments made against us by straight society, so to make judgments against one another on something as superficial as penis size is one of many ways gay men become their own worst enemy. In short, it’s time for us as a whole to get our shit together.

So what are you going to help us to be – a community of queens or KINGS?


  1. hey great stuff ..
    i had a friend who seemingly would sleep with any guy if he had a big cock.
    i could never understand it as a fair few of his conquests were not blessed in the looks department - they just had big cocks.
    what i don't like is the way guys think that having a big cock = better person - like they've discovered the cure for cancer or something.
    so he can be a total wanker but hey it's ok cause he has a big cock!

    i admit that i don't have a big cock and it's taken me years to come to love my own - and even how i have some doubts.
    and wonder how things would be different if i was bigger.
    but i do know that some of the best sex (getting fucked) was by guys who had average size cocks - cause they put their heart and soul into it.
    thanks for that interesting post. x

  2. It's not human nature, or man's nature to lust after cocks. It is a learned behavior. And the proof is in the fact that I am both a man and a human, and my lust is not for bigger cocks. It's for cocks in general.


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