Monday, October 22, 2007

Getting Out The Kinks: Springing From Nature's Hose

This is the picture that started it all for me. It's a photo by Pierre et Gilles that I first saw in the book, "The Male Nude" by David Leddick some years before fully realizing my sexuality. Something in me saw this hot guy holding his dick while pissing, and wanted to hold it, and play with the piss as it sprouted from his beautiful cock. Maybe since I wasn't sexually active at the time, a part of me felt like that was disgusting. But I knew even then that I was that because that's what most people expect you to say in order to feel your sexual behavior is respectable. So that part of me was complying, which you should see by now is nothing like me. The other part of me therefore was the real "me". The part that thought to feel his dick wet from his piss was hot. Once I became sexually active, my thirst grew to find out if this was just a fantasy of how I would feel should such a chance ever present itself, or would it be a kink that I would fully embrace.

Once again - enter the Jersey Boys.
At one of our trysts, we were sitting around naked taking a break, and they asked me if I was into watersports. I told them I was curious about it, but never tried it. So I got my chance that day. We went in the bathroom and C pulled out his thick dick, and started pissing. I loved watching the piss stream from his cock, and when M went and tasted it, I decided to go even further with this sexual exploration and taste it myself. I will admit that tasting is the one part of watersports I don't do too often when I do it. But I will let a guy piss on my body, and maybe even in. Such as once when I was with the Jersey Boys, C was fucking me, and realized he needed to piss. Out of curiosity of the sensation, I told him to pull out, put some of the head of his dick back in, and go. I got so turned on by his warm piss running between my legs. And believe me, not only the fact that I was turned on surprised me, but the fact of how much I was turned on surprised me as well. That would explain by you see the link on my links page for the website "Fully Clothed Pissing". Or why I am so turned on by pics like these:

Now I'm don't only have a kink for watersports. I'm not only turned on by watching piss shoot out of a guy's cock. I also love watching a guy shoot a cum load. But what guy gay or straight doesn't? It symbolizes that whoever (be they a man or awoman) that guy was fucking has a damn good hole. And the theory is most likely, "the greater the load, the sweeter the hole."
That might expalin why you see in my video on my trailers page, I describe myself as a"cum connosieur" while I'm licking the head of Dillon's dick. It was probably me patting myself on the back after he fucked the living daylights out of me. And I have done that to other guys I've been with.

I guess it boils down to what I've believe I've stated before about myself. I love nature. So that plus my love of the beauty of a cock, can explain why I have such a fascination with the natural fluid that springs from them, because that's a cock's purpose - to be a natural spring. I know I probably take it a step further by adoring the sight of piss and cum oozing and/or shooting out of a guy's cock. But hey, I'm an extremist, and that's what we extremist do.

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