Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon @ The Bijou

Yesterday, I went to The Bijou for Daniel Nardicio’s new Sunday afternoon event there. I got there in time to catch a peek at RuPaul’s movie STARBOOTY, which seems like it’s going to be very funny, so I’m looking forward to getting a copy when the DVD comes out on October 30th.

Afterwards, before the main feature, CALIGULA, there was a trailer for Dark Alley Media’s upcoming controversial film, PASSIO. Now, many of you may know that I am a God-believing man, so this movie may seem hard for me to take. But I have to confess, I may have to get a copy of this one because that trailer looked incredibly hot and made me incredibly horny. Maybe it has something to do with how those religious paintings I saw growing up always gave me a guilt-ridden arousal with their display of nearly naked men, and PASSIO looks like those pictures come to life. Especially Danny Fox with his erect cock and hot booty bump on his nice, sweaty, and gorgeous bod seen in right profile. Now if you don’t know how I love wet hot bods, find out here. I thought I was going to have to slip out and beat my meat just by watching the trailer. Imagine the guilty pleasure it’s going to be for me if I see the whole movie.

Once CALIGULA started, I watched to see how controversial a movie it was for its time. The beginning looks R-rated, so I was wondering that the controversy I had heard about this movie was all about. I didn’t watch the whole movie from beginning to end. I had stopped at one point to check out the rest of the Bijou, and also to take part in their drawing class featuring a nude model from Rentboy.com. But what I did see later on in the film was definitely something that surprised me. I didn’t expect to see actual penetration, but there it was – dicks sliding in and out of pussies and mouths. There was even a cumshot during a blowjob. I was wondering if it was real or fake, because the guy’s cock was still in her mouth during the cumshot. So it could have been just some liquid they made up to look like cum, and even if it was that was an extreme move to show that for it’s time. Heck all these years later, what was seen in SHORTBUS is considered extreme.

And speaking of SHORTBUS, who did I see during the drawing class but “The Jamies”, P.J. Deboy and Paul Dawson who was sitting right next to me. And the Rentboy who was our drawing subject was pornstar
Dimitri Santiago.

The drawing class was the part of this event that I was looking forward to the most. As some of you may know, I draw as well. That is of course how I designed my jacket in my gallery “
Tré by Tré”, so drawing is not a problem for me. The problem that I needed the practice for was my drawing an actual body, and even more practice was needed by me to draw a face. I have drawn my own face in the past, and even designed a shirt based on a song I wrote some years ago using a singer’s face from a CD cover and adding details to it. But like I said it’s been awhile, and I’ve been thinking about doing some erotic drawings lately, so I needed this to get in the practice of drawing physiques. I think I did OK, but I’m looking forward to doing better next time. See for yourself.

Watching Dimitri pose took me back a year ago when I modeled at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair. And with his last pose putting me directly in line with him, I was trying my best to not make him self-conscious while I focus on his facial features like his eyes, eyebrows, and nose. And when he asked for a suggested position, I didn’t want to say anything that would be hard to hold, because I remember how holding a pose seemed easy at first, but when you least expect it, your muscles feel like they are going to give way.

During the last 2 poses I definitely had the best seat in the house according to my personal taste. This drawing is of the 3rd pose, and being the butt-man that I am, you know I was as happy as a pig in slop to have his booty bump directly in front of me. So as far as I’m concerned, anyone with a spot to the right of mine that ends up directly behind him was someone I considered lucking out on getting a good viewing spot.

Well, they say “practice makes perfect” so I’m going to try and be there next week, but with the Gay Erotic Expo coming this weekend, I may have to put off my next chance to practice until the following week. Either way, I must say THANKS Daniel for coming up with another great idea.

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  1. Those hardcore scenes you mention were notoriously inserted into the film after the main cast had finished filming, and without their knowledge...

    Loving the drawings, we need to see more. Who knows - you could be the next Joe Phillips!


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