Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Underwear Expert's Rookie of the Week - LeNair Xavier

I recently submitted some pics through the's Model Search Tumblr blog, and I have become this week's Rookie of the Week. See their blog posting at:

Though it's not a modeling campaign, in light of points I made in "Black Guys Wear Underwear, Too!" this means a lot to me. For it's a start in combating not 1, 2, but 3 things:

1)The inexcusable lack of Black underwear models by the modeling world;
2)When Black models are used, they are practically always 6' or more and obvious gym-bodies, meanwhile White and light-complexioned Latino models can come in more of a variety of both heights and degrees of fit physiques. Meaning there's an unfair higher expectation of body maintenance made for Blacks if they want to be featured. So imagine my gladness in this title with me being only 5'6", about 140 lbs., with no gym regimen. Lastly,
3) Gay media rarely taking pride in any well-maintained gay males over 30. And even less if you're over 40, which I am after turning 42 on March 31st.

So I hope this brief title in some way inspires others to take care of themselves, and no matter what the media says, never quit showing how your color gives you a beauty worthy of acknowledgment.

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