Monday, May 20, 2013

Erotic Poetry Video - Be My Pillow

I am an ass-man.
To the point that I'll dismiss a guy for having no ass long before dismissing him for having a small dick. So imagine my surprise when after a Twitter exchange with a follower with an amazing ass (outside and in), that I realized I had never used my skills at erotic poetry to pay ode to this body part. A body part that can draw me to a guy quicker than a moth to a flame.

If you are a friend of mine and/or like this blog on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, then you have often read comments from me about a hot guy's ass saying how I wish they could make a pillow out of their ass. So it was easy to entitle this poem,
Be My Pillow.

Erotic Poem - Be My Pillow brought to you by PornHub

It's true. With all the money wasted on stupid, major delusion-inducing, phony-feeling "real-feel" sex toys and novelties on the market, it's funny that we have yet to see such an erotic novelty on the market. Now, watch someone steal this idea of mine and make millions that should be mine. 

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