Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally Busted Nut!

CONFESSION:  I shoot a load at least once a day, from either sex or jerking off, but usually from jerking off. So with the last time of me cumming being at a ManMeatNYC party from topping a guy, imagine the build up. For I was so busy thereafter with writing posts and editing my promo video for "Kiss....The Rainbow", that I hadn't cum for 2.5 days. No jerk before work of the morning wood, or beat before I sleep on those nights. And that's a lot when you normally shoot at least one load a day. It makes you paranoid, and fear the onset of blue balls.

This video is the result of me finally being done enough that I could peacefully beat off and bust a nut. So I set us my HD webcam, and put on a show. And in 6 minutes I cut to the chase giving you ass & body close-ups, dry-humping, jerking off, dick growth, cumshot, cum-eating, and cum-stained abs. Meanwhile, websites are charging you stupid amounts of money to see a whole bunch of overly drawn-out jerk-offs.

Enjoy playing voyeur to my much-needed quick beat of my meat. ;-)

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