Friday, March 15, 2013

30+, The Gay Death? UPDATED

The animated gif above was made to show my pride in how come March 31st of this year, I will turn 42 years old. An age that American society, even more so gay culture treats as if I should have keeled over and died 12 years ago once I hit 30.

And that is why the topic on
"The Gates of WiL",
was entitled, "Kill Yourself After This Many"
with me returning as a guest via Skype. 

Not to toot my own horn, but who better to prove this idea wrong? Me, whose life really began AFTER the age of 30. I won't rehash here how or why it happened that way, or how and why it continues to get better. Those are reasons you need to watch for.

So for whatever reason you missed us, or you just want a recap, you can watch the video below, or go to, and even download the episode if you so choose to.

I hope I did you those of you 30+ guys proud.

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