Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Signs of 2011 D.P. Fruition?

I have been blogging about wanting to be double-penetrated by 2 hot tops for the longest. In fact, that's what started the creation of my "Double-Penetration" category. As for whether or not it has ever come to fruition...I've come close, but still no 2 cigars.

I can report however that before the end of 2010, I've had 2 encounters at Milk Chocolate NYC parties that make me get the feeling that my double-penetration fantasy may soon become a reality.
The 1st such party had this muscular Latino that every bottom at the party seemed to want a piece of. He was also good-looking. But since I practice what I preach therefore was finding my own fun, I was so into my own fun that I was never able to discover what else besides his looks and physique made him such a massive draw. Well, as they say, "Patience is a virtue". And my patience paid off eventually.

Me and one of the volunteers at the party were talking. Then the Latino came over after topping another conquest. We started flirting a bit, and talking about all the action he was getting. His cock was out, and I copped a feel. My reaction, you ask?...

...I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD!!!!" Maybe it was the shock, but it seemed as if his 1 dick was about as thick as 2 of mine. Now the mystery was solved as to why all those bottoms wanted him in  their ass. Those bottoms were size-queen bottoms. But they got exactly what they deserved for being size-queens.

For when I touched his cock and saw how massively thick it was, I started getting memory flashes. Those kind of memory flashes that show you things that you didn't realize that you were committing to memory, but your sub-conscience knew would be relevant later on. Such as how during some of the many guys the Latino fucked, the bottom got to the point where they couldn't take it anymore, or couldn't take it at all. I was so busy doing my own thing, that I didn't make it an important thing to consciously take note of. But evidently, my sub-conscience took note of it because it foresaw an upcoming moment.

The volunteer saw the Latino's huge cock as well. We both looked at each other in amazement. When the Latino left to go wash off from that conquest, me and the volunteer talked about how that cock made us nervous to take it on. Then as the volunteer went back to his volunteering duties, the Latino came over to me, and put the moves on me. And it was like an out-of-body experience, with me watching myself in utter shock...when I heard myself agree to go to the bed with him.

So now, while I was wondering am I going to be the next bottom saying, "No more, please!", something in me said that I wouldn't.

The Latino put on a condom while I put A LOT of lube on my asshole. Then I put lube on his dressed-up cock so I could feel that monster once more before preparing my mind and body for taking it in. That is, if I could take it in.

With me assuming the position for doggy-style, the Latino went for it. And while the 1st try didn't make it, to my surprise, the 2nd one did. Once inside me, he fucked me, and fucked me hard. The muscles in his crotch were banging up against my ass so hard, I knew that if not by my sphincter, my ass cheeks were going to surely be feeling this fuck-session by morning and the next few days after. Well, it was obviously good to him, for he then wanted me on my back to fuck me missionary. And I took full advantage of the view and feel of those muscles wet with sweat from his vigorous pounding, and playing with his nipples that were erect like his throbbing cock inside me.

And that throbbing is why we stopped. For we stopped not because I couldn't take him fucking my ass anymore. Quite the contrary. It was because he couldn't take my ass fucking his dick anymore, and he didn't want to come just yet. And it was a shame to end it when it did, because unlike most of those size-queen bottoms, I was ready to go the distance. Also, the Latino was actually the rare breed of being a big dicked man who knows how to fuck. And  I can give a fair critique on this because I'm not a size-queen whose rectum is so stretched out that only a long and/or thick cock can reach the nerve endings that let one feel like they're getting a good fuck.

The 2nd party was about a week or two later. It was at the party that I mentioned in a previous post telling how Ty and myself let out our sexual tensions from our photoshoot together. Before the last of the 4 times we fucked, Ty asked me if I've ever been double-penetrated. We were going to give it a try with this Black guy that was there, but the Black guy at the time didn't get hard enough to get in my tight hole. The Black guy did eventually get his needed boner to get into me. Ty fucked another volunteer because he was so turned on by it. And me and the Black guy went at it so long that after we were done, I came out to find the host, Cade and all the volunteers standing around. That's when Cade broke the news to me saying, "We're all waiting for you."

So it turns out that me and the Black guy shut the party down.

With that 1st tryst putting my hole to the test, then the suggestion of a double-penetration so soon after that tryst, all coming so close to the end of 2010, I'm taking those as signs that this year, 2011 will be the year that a double-penetration will finally come to fruition for me.

What I need now are 2 hot guys willing to rub their 2 hot throbbing sticks together, and start a pleasing fire in my hole.

And while it's not a requirement, it would be nice if I could record it for all to see. Because porn studios make it seem as if getting your ass double-penetrated is a White guy thing. However, by my blog post on the matter, you know that some sweet Black asses want to be double-stuffed as well. So wouldn't you like some video as further proof?

Just putting the idea out there. After all, this year I do turn "The Big 4-0".

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