Sunday, March 6, 2011

Write That Down #31

Recently, this latest "Write That Down" quote has been going through my mind quite a bit. But the final straw to push me to say it now was when I saw a scene featuring a subject from my past posts, Ty (or "Tyron" as he is listed in the movie I saw) from "Sweet Reunions Over Milk Chocolate, Pt. 2". After reading that post, knowing that I had retired from the industry, Ty still asked if I would do a scene with him. While I told Ty that I would come out of retirement to do the scene, and Ty said he told the studio, the studio never contacted me.

The reason I was willing to come out of retirement to do the scene was to undo most of the things that I spoke of in my poetry series, "The Industry". Mainly the lack of undeniable attractions in so much of today's studio-based porn. And our attraction was so real that many can see it by us looking into each other's eyes in a simple still photograph.

With our many times of having sex being born of that undeniable attraction, it goes without saying that if I see him in a scene with someone else, I know what to look for in his eyes that can tell me if his attraction is real. And in the scene that I saw, the glimmer that was in his eyes with me...was nowhere to be seen. I find this troublesome because if I see someone that I've had sex with in a scene, I would like to masturbate to the memories of that glimmer and passion when we were together. And with that glimmer in his eyes missing, I felt like I was watching what I never, ever wanted to see of him---Ty on an escorting job.

I have said it numerous times... I even said it during my poetry reading in January that the only parts in porn that are supposed to be acted (if any) are the scenario and the greatness of the sex. The attractions are NOT supposed to be acted. That's what escorts have to do, and it's an ugliness that should not be seen. However, porn directors insist on doing it anyway. Hence why studio-based porn is polluted with escorts and not the exhibitionist that porn-buying consumer would hope for. Therefore, not worth your money.

When it comes to what I call "free downloads", while porn studios call them "illegal" or "pirated" downloads, maybe it's my Aries stubbornness, but it is a case of "you say 'tomāto', I say 'tomătoe'". I have sometimes seem movies that I've been in on these sites. So why have I not alerted the studio heads I've worked for? It's because what porn studios call "art", I don't respect it as such. For it's becoming that practically all studios are run by ego-maniacs more concerned with whether or not you can get a hard-on "on their command" rather than whether or not your hard-on is actually inspired by the person you're supposed to do a scene with. In short, you're treated like a dog living to please his owner, instead of a human being displaying his pleasure. And only porn actors in denial would dare to disagree with me. A perfect example is from thinking back to when I did the movie, "The Interview". I recall one of the reasons Tyson Cane liked Favian Gotti was because according to Tyson cane, Favian could get hard on Tyson Cane's command.

I'm different. For similar to what I said earlier, I am a human being, not a dog living to please his owner. Hence mine and Tyson Cane eventual butting of the heads.

Now, when porn studios decide to actually do the work of hiring exhibitionists rather than escorts, thereby making movies based on authentic attractions, I will urge you to pay your hard-earned money for that product. But until I see evidence of that...FREE DOWNLOADS ALL THE WAY!

And to all those in the industry who want to say to me how pirating is wrong, I reply to you with this:
It's WRONG to create a product that caters to racism.
It's WRONG to create a product that purposely and repeatedly displays the worst image of an ethnicity.
And it's WRONG to create a product like porn, and ignore the request of pairing your models with whom they know they have great chemistry with.

I am well aware that 2 wrongs don't make a right. And I've tried my best to get this corrected by addressing those and other matters on this blog over time. However, all I have seen are these much needed changes move way slower than molasses...

...So I have been pushed to advocate doing this 1 wrong to combat those and many more wrongs done by YOU.

It is for this reason practically all studio-based porn is no longer "art" in my eyes. And I'm starting to wonder if it ever was, even when I was a part of it.

If studio-based porn was never "art", my misconception that it was comes from the fact that I view sex itself to be "art". An art that is born from genuine attractions, and based on what I said in the previous paragraphs, few studios (if any) pride themselves on that genuine attraction. Hence how porn has lost being a legitimate art form.

With all this in mind, my latest "Write That Down" quote reads:

I was never really a "porn actor". Due to the so-called "standards" of today's porn, that would be lowering myself. But I have always proudly been and continue to proudly be an exhibitionist.

Now, while this all may seem like I holding a massive grudge against the porn industry. The truth is quite the contrary. In fact, I'm quite thankful for the experience of being "Tré Xavier", because had it not been for those experiences, I would not have all the knowledge I have now, I would not be as thick-skinned against stupidity as I am now, nor would I be getting the opportunities to advance myself. So this is not me expressing a grudge, but venting an annoyance over mishandling. For I am a natural-born fighter for things to be done correctly, and the mishandling of the porn industry gave me the opportunity to better my skills as that fighter.


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