Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Weeks Until 40

Yes, you have read correct.

I am proud to say that 4 weeks from today, this year I am turning "The Big 4-0". That's right I said it, I am turning 40 years old.

While the stupidity of the stereotypical gay male dreads it, me being at the other end of the intellect spectrum embraces it.


Because I'm quite blessed to not have a body warn down by drugs and alcohol, then needing Botox injections and/or a gym membership to mask my fucked-up decisions. I'm blessed to have made it through 15+ years of contemplating suicide while I struggled with my orientation. After that accomplishment, I'm blessed to have a small number of actual friends that I can be real with, instead of an overload of associates that I'm always living to impress so that they won't opt out of taking the place of real friends. I'm blessed with a family that may not have always agreed with me, but has still supported me through it all, and continue to do so. And I am blessed to have all of these experiences that have me in the process of finally finding my voice.

Now, as to how will I celebrate this great day, besides going to see "Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert" on Broadway, I have no idea. So that day is looking like the rest of my life. A journey of gaining knowledge, and experiencing things that I never believed I would experience, OR knew that they were there to experience.

All I have to say now is....BRING IT ON!!!!

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