Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Media Worthiness of Levi Johnston's Johnson

Media worthiness? Try "media overkill"!

If you want a picture of media overkill, then you might want a picture of Levi Johnston. It's quite disappointing of how many gay men are salivating over knowing that he's preparing for a Playgirl shoot. Disappointing to the point that I recently posted this comment on MOC Blog to a post about Levi Johnston:

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the big deal about Levi Johnston. Is he good looking? Yes, but not THAT good-looking.

In all reality, he is just another young white guy, getting naked for the camera so they can pay for something, like school. No different than the guys on Fratmen.com. In his case, he may also be paying to financially support his young son.

The only reason this is making such big news is because this is really him flipping the bird to Sarah Palin's uppity conservatism. Wouldn't you do what he's doing if you wanted to piss off the (most likely) overbearing grandmother to your son named Sarah Palin? That is IF YOU WERE HIS AGE, therefore prone to play games like that.

I just hope Palin doesn't try to use this against Levi, and make him seem like an unfit parent because of it.

First off, I'm glad to report that it's not just me. Levi Johnston is just another white boy in Playgirl's overload of white to light-complexion-only regimen, throwing in a few dark spots so they can say they're not racist. Plus, he really isn't that good-looking. I've seen a decent number of guys on Playgirl who have the looks and are doing things with their lives that make them deserve alot more fanfare.

So what's the turn-on? The fact that his behavior is flipping the bird to his son's conservative and probably overbearing grandmother, Sarah Palin. For an bunch of supposedly grown males in their 30's, 40's and beyond to be turned on by this is a shame. For you must be extremely stupid and infantile to let the antics of teenager acting out to be what turns you on. Especially when you consider what it can cost him.

I will admit that acting out in one way or another is why many get into porn, and I was no exception. However, in all your stereotypical gay selfishness, you're forgetting that Levi has a son to think of. Levi may be so into his 15-minutes of fame, that he might be forgetting that fact himself, which is why it's not wise of him to add to his already agitating Sarah Palin by doing this photoshoot with talking bad about her on top of it. And that is what should concern us all. What if Sarah Palin uses his posing for Playgirl compounded with Levi talking bad about her as a way to make Levi seem like an unfit parent?

While you're having anxiety attacks over seeing Levi Johnston's johnson, I'll leave you with that thought.


  1. he's a big straight bore and i have no interest at all in the guy, nobody has except some 'gay' blogs

  2. I ccompletely agree. If I have to see one more article about this tiresome twerp, especially on gay sites...

    I'd rather see Palin's fanny, to be honest.


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