Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tré Xavier - Super Top?!

Lately, I've been to sex parties where I've topped for the entire night. This has put me in the position where I haven't bottomed for almost 3 weeks now. For someone looking to get double-penetrated, I don't believe that now is a good time for fate to slow down how often my hole opens up with a smile.

According to what happened to me at the sex party, Olympus last Friday, the title of this entry shows that to be what I seem to be becoming. It was definitely a case of "so many men, so little time". And also, so many willing to take in my dick. I will be honest of the many guys there, I fucked 4 times.
Fuck #1-A hot Latino whose ass was so inviting, I was the 2nd guy to fuck him in a tag-team session.
Fuck #2-was a muscular White American. We were trying to decide who between us was going to fuck this other young guy. So it was whoever got hard first, was going to get a chance. I got hard first, but (to my surprise) he was so tight, he couldn't take me. But the White American also wanted my dick, so he let me fuck him missionary, but since he claimed to not normally bottom, he wanted me to go slow. Now either he was new to bottoming, or he was able to pull off that lie, because he does Kegels as much as (if not more than) I do. Because his ass was so nice and tight, and I was shocked to enjoy fucking an ass in slow motion so much. Most guys I've tried fucking half that slow are so loose that they make me lose my hard-on. I didn't come with him either. I pullled out before I got that far, because my cock needed a break. In fact, while my cock needed a break, I was still craving to fuck. This led me to:
Fuck #3- I saw the Latino from Fuck #1 on his knees leaning on a sofa, worshiping a hot guy's bod. I saw that sweet round caramel ass there sticking out, and dived my cock in again. I wanted to shoot a load into that condom so bad, but a few people who need lessons in sex party etiquette rules that I've haven't gotten to writing down yet caused my load to withdraw. I later discovered this night wasn't the 1st time I ever fucked him. He reminded me that I had fucked him at a NY Jock Party once. I never forget a hot guy's face, so I knew I had seen him before, but some voyeur around me must have really annoyed me to make me forget that I explored this hottie's hole in the past. I won't let that happen again. That's why I'm writing this down now.
Fuck #4-My final fuck of the night was a slim European. I never learned exactly where he was from, but he was 2 of my favorite things...HOT & HORNY. One of the few heavier guys there fucked him while I was watching, and he saw me watching, and getting hard from the sight of his ass bouncing. So as soon as the heavier guy was done, Euro-hottie turned his ass to me so I could fuck him. With this sight I gladly prepped my cock, and dived in. I fucked him sometimes fast sometimes slow. Sometimes I slammed hard into his ass, and others, I got off on seeing my crotch slowly squeeze his ass cheeks as I put my cock deeper inside him. Would you believe as hot as this was, and as long as this went on, I still didn't come. But I went home satisfied to the point that I slept well. It was the next morning that I woke up with a raging hard-on that I needed to beat off.

I was a bit disappointed how no one made me want to bottom. There was a possibility my double-penetration was going to happen later that weekend, and I needed someone to prepare my hole for such an entry. That's why I was hoping this one guy I met at another sex party would show up, but he didn't. He would have definitely prepared me, because he has a big cock, and he fucks hard, like at least one of my DP candidates.

I did meet up with my DP candidates Halloween night. I worried a DP wouldn't happen, and it didn't. BUT instead I got one of the hottest tag-team sessions ever. While I sucked one's cock the other fucked me, then the other got his turn, and while I'm getting fucked missionary, the boyfriend who was fucking me before, was now fucking his boyfriend. Both of them came while fucking me, then I was fine leaving it at that, because I'm the kind of guy who can mentally get off by knowing that my ass got you off. It was part of the reason that my cumshots on Tyson Cane and Pitbull shoots took so long to happen. But these guys were determined to see me shoot a cumload, I was even offered one of their asses to fuck. However, while it pained me to turn down that invitation (if you saw his ass, you'd understand my pain), I was basking in how I was finally bottoming again. So to make me come, we made out, with me jerking off with one hand, while the other hand was massaging one boyfriend's ass, and simultaneously my face and tongue were buried in the ass of the other boyfriend. Between the feel of ass in my hand and against my face, as well as flashes of what the sex would look like as a porno all made me shoot my load. After all this, I washed up, went home, and with good reason, slept for hours.

So YES, I was Super Top for the last 3 weeks, especially last Friday night, but thanks to my DP candidates, I may not have redeemed my bottoming prowess by way of a double-penetration like I hoped for, but that hot tag-team on my ass was a fucking hot intro to what can happen in the near future. What is also good is the fact that I was beginning to feel like I was going to go through withdrawal from not bottoming for so long. After all, that's what I find to be the beauty of being versatile - the ability to avoid getting into a sexual rut.


  1. tre its Aaron, sounds like youve had a great couple of weeks, i should be at the party on the 14th and look forward to possibly seeing u again


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