Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Write That Down #2

In a recent online debate with Taylor Siluwe on his blog about small turnouts amongst gay Blacks at rallies, marches, and the like, I referred to how for a cause led by Whites who don't usually associate non-Whites, that while trying to reach their goal, those Whites wlll acknowledge all races, colors, creeds, ethnicities, etc. encouraging them to take part, but once that goal is accomplished, those minorities are once again ignored. I said that the small turnout of many minorities at rallies, marches, and such led by Whites may be explained by them catching on to this two-faced behavior. And I believe if you translate that reaction into words, it would probably say,

"Why let you acknowledge the existence of my color today, when you're going to act like it's a stain to wash away tomorrow?"

1 comment:

  1. That's an interesting point of view, Tré.
    I don't know the answer... but I am going to muse on the possibilities.
    Might it be that they feel that, once they have encouraged them to participate, and once they are participating, that they would continue with less 'encouragement'?
    Another possibility is that they are not good at encouraging people with different cultures. It is a lot of effort to reach out to a culture which is not your own...

    One feeling I do have, however, is that this is a two way street. Sometimes, people need to fight to maintain their position in established groups. This blog is the sort of thing which will raise awareness of the problem (which may not be obvious to those organisers).

    I would also ask if you think that groups which are predominantly African in makeup are actively seeking European input... Not that I think it's needed.

    Again, I say all this as someone who is quite external to the US, and who really doesn't know the details of which you speak... just reads and thinks and responds.


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