Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tongue Is Fun & Tight Is Right

You may recall, I took some flack from some so-called writer at The Sword because of my stand against poppers. Well in addition to the tale that inspired that post, I have a story to tell you as to why that stand remains for me.

As my loyal readers are aware, I like posting items for the weekend to inspire horniness and the need for a release. Well this weekend, I practiced what I've been preaching.

I had the chance to hook up with someone who I met one night at The Cock, and went against my rule of" no sex in public bathrooms", and fucked his hot ass in the bathroom. Thinking back to how his inner-heat warming my entire cock felt so good, I have a hard-on right now while typing this post. Friday, he sent me a text message saying that he might go out for drinks in the East Village, which most likely meant a return to The Cock, but later meant a trip back to his place to fuck him all night long. I was deliberating with myself of what to do with my Friday night and the time I got his message, but I was almost certain that I felt the need for a dance workout. Therefore, the only place I could get that dance workout I wanted (sad to say for NYC) was Splash. In a last minute decision, I decided to go to Splash. Once there, I never texted the guy to update him on my whereabouts, which I admit was wrong. And it wasn't me being cruel. It was just that I got so into dancing that I forgot.

While dancing I saw someone else that I knew. A fuck-buddy of mine. He saw me, and he came right for me. And I wasn't mad at him. He looked so fuckin' hot. His body looked more amazing than ever. In fact, he looked better than some of these 20-something Chelsea boys spending all their time in the gym, which is bad to say for those 20-something Chelsea boys because this guy is 40.

I'll give you a little back-story of how we met.
We met at one of Daniel Nardicio's parties. He was go-go dancing there and as soon as I walked in, I was in absolute lust. He dick was thick and rock-hard, like it was dying to be stuck in someone's hole, and release a geyser of man-milk. I never tipped a go-go boy so soon after walking into one of Daniel's parties. I tipped him, squeezed his ass, and played with his cock. I was hoping (as I do with many of Daniel's dancers) to have some playtime with him. But at that time, I was never lucky enough with any of Daniel's dancers, so it was just left to fantasy.

That is until late in the night, when he came over to where every one was fooling around. He stopped right in front of me, I went down on him immediately, and sucked him until my knees were ready to give. Once I got up, we jerked off together, and he shot his load on me, and me on him. We never exchanged numbers, and I never saw him again.

I did run into him again some time later, and we started talking. He had no idea who I was, but I remembered him. I revealed our past to him, then he informed me that he was extremely drunk that night, so all that happened was a blur to him. We kept talking, and nothing came of it that night. But obviously, his being drunk didn't cloud his attraction, because sometime later, we ran into each other at Splash. This time, he remembered me. We danced, then slowly wound up kissing, and I got an invite back to his place where I at long last got that thick dick in my wanting hole, and we've been fuck-buddies ever since. And that's a little over a year ago.

Now, with me newly versatile, the way we play has changed. After putting on quite a show of dancing and making out on the dancefloor at Splash, we went back to his place at about 2 AM, and flip-fucked until the sun was about to rise.

He sucked my dick, and got me rock-hard, lubed his hole and my dick, straddled me, then put me inside him. I love when a guy bottoming takes control like that. It's like him saying to me, "I want you, you want me, and you're going to fuck me - NOW!"

And my body language replied, "YES SIR!", because fucked him I did. I thrusted into his ass, massaging his cheeks, and loved every second of it. Then I returned the favor by riding his cock making him moan and spank my ass, because my being so bad made him feel so good.

We took a break then went for Round 2, where he started sucking my cock again. He got up then assumed the position to be fucked doggy-style. With his perfectly round mounds of a dancer's butt, how could I resist putting my cock in the middle of that. I'll admit, he did do some poppers, but not enough to make himself lose like that guy I wrote about in my anti-popper post. That's why this guy asked me to "go slow" when I was starting to pick up speed to thrust into his ass. I eventually did pick up speed, and he came leaving a big cum stain on his fitted sheet. But that wasn't the only time he came.

After another break, we went for Round 3. We 69'd each other, then it was just me sucking him. I knew he was going to shoot a load at any given second, because that muscle under the shaft kept throbbing in my mouth while I was mercilessly tonguing the head of his cock. That same muscle that contracts when you're cumming. Even so, he put me on my stomach, and started teasing my hole with his cock. Then he went in further, then further, and I was more than right in my assumption, because just a couple of deep thrust into my popper-free tight hole, and he came with another big load, as I got to see after he pulled out.

So in the midst of this hot tale, what have you learned today? I hope you've learned (if you haven't already) that when giving head, the use of tongue makes it more fun., AND when bottoming, making sure you have a tight hole is making sure you have the right hole.

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