Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Racist Blast: HX Magazine

I have often discussed racism on this blog, and named names of guilty parties in the process. I have never taken pleasure in naming those names. My solace comes from the fact that I don't share their racist outlook, AND my allegations can never be justifiably disputed. Therefore, no one can try making such a claim about me and be justified in doing so. In this case, the guilty party is HX Magazine.

I have held off for quite awhile in calling HX Magazine out on their racist practices. To be more exact, the entire time I've been doing this blog, which is almost 3 1/2 years now. What has changed to make it necessary to speak on it now? I've been putting myself front and center to try and make my way into the circle that HX uses to represents NY's gay community to no avail.

This circle of HX Magazine that I'm speaking of for the most part has no substance. They are a bunch of what could be considered pretty party people, and not much else. Problem is that pretty party people often includes the bad connection to party drugs. What's bad about sticking to that image is for those people they feature who are of substance. That quality is mentioned quickly, and not referred back to often when speaking of that person, so their quality unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle. This form of editing is in a word - stereotypical, and for a gay magazine gets further described by me as "faggoty".

"Faggoty" is what I define as the negative stereotypical behavior associated with being gay, such as being having a narrow-minded view of beauty, and an even greater obsession with youth than the typical American. Hence why in this blog, I have referred to some gay males as faggots, while those males that are not that negative stereotype are called," gay men".

HX Magazine definitely hits the NY gay community over the head with this negative stereotype, and I've tried putting myself in some of their events to break that mold. For example, I have tried to be a contestant in their Mr. HX competition, and responded to their call for models to be on their Pride float and photoshoot. In both instances, they asked guys to write why they should be considered. You can click on the links to read my entries to be considered a contestant for Mr. HX, and a Pride float model.

On both of these occasions, I felt if chosen then HX Magazine would have made some progress in the images they put out to the gay community, but I have come to see that nothing has changed. HX Magazine still acts as Whites and light-skinned Latinos are the only relevant ethnicities of gays in New York City, where a great example of this is with their Mr. HX contestants. Meanwhile, Blacks, Asians, Indians, and other minorities are treated as random trivial spots in the NYC cultural and ethnic canvas.

HX Magazine does show Blacks can be featured in their magazine. But there's a catch. That Black person, especially males must be of an extreme. Those extremes being extremely effeminate (like a drag queen), or uber-masculine image of a Black male that I discussed in my post, "White America's Slave Fantasy". But that uber-masculine image is often dolled up by airbrushing to push them to the extreme effeminate, like the ones HX dressed up in fetish gear for The Black Party issue. Proof can be seen by comparing the cover on your right to the video below.

Furthermore, isn't that insulting to the Black citizens of the LGBT community? HX thinks of featuring Black men only because they say the words, Black Party. Is that the best HX can do?

I'm not a sore loser in those 2 aforementioned events. What has forced me to write this post is the fact that I have yet to see any Black man of any build or shade without being extremely effeminate or masculine, with strong convictions needed to better the LGBT community promoted by HX Magazine. HX Magazine promotes the old days of Hollywood where the image is that all Blacks males are good for is to make White people laugh, and Black women can be good for either a laugh, or to sing to the White people.

Now, I ask you, should that be New York in the year 2009? I don't believe so.

To further insult my intelligence, not too long ago, I got an email from HX Magazine saying in the subject line, "HX wants YOU". But it is not what you would think. It was actually them trying to ask me to spend beaucoup dollars to promote myself in their classified section. I took this to be along the lines of my quote from "Write That Down #2". That quote saying, "Why let you acknowledge the existence of my color today, when you're going to act like it's a stain to wash away tomorrow?" With that in mind, why would I promote myself in an obviously racist magazine that shows no signs of progressing? That is why unbeknownst to HX, I was considering taken them up on their offer and promoting this site in their classifieds, IF either I had been chosen to be a Pride model, OR I learned of a Black man being chosen who doesn't fit that uber-masculine mold. It would have been my way of saying "THANKS for progressing, HX Magazine".


I asked the person who sent me this email asking me to promote myself in HX if they could give me any info regarding my entry in being part of the Pride Issue. Their reply was that the Pride float was being handled by an outside source. Well, if the Pride float is being handled by an "outside" source, then why did the response I got thanking me for my submission come from a design director at HX? And let's say for argument's sake that an outside source was used, then I think HX Magazine should re-think using that outside source again, because another reason for this post is so many being in agreement with me on the racist image of NYC that HX Magazine propagates. And those of you reading this who do agree, I strongly urge you to comment and show you agree, instead of sitting at your computers and nodding your heads, because change will not happen if you are totally silent. This city is my home, and I demand the melting pot that it to be represented.

The bottom line of all this is that HX Magazine like so many, has no idea of what Pride is supposed to be about celebrating. Gay Pride is not about considering someone worthy because they're beautiful ONLY on the outside. They are worthy because of who they are inside, by the words and actions they spread through some medium to better strengthen the spirit of the LGBT community which enhances their beauty on the outside. By their actions, HX Magazine doesn't strengthen the LGBT community of New York City. Instead, they make it take steps back from progressing, because racism, ageism, and vanity have never contributed to the progress of not just gay society, but any society for that matter. With that in mind, those following HX's creedo are also halting the progress of the acceptance of the LGBT community by the rest of society.

So after you've had a chance to let all I've said here sink in and marinate, hear me ask you this - Should color and body type define who should embody Gay Pride? Based on what I've said here, you know my answer. I just hope you are smart enough to share the same answer with me.


  1. First off, HX is notorious for pandering to the shallowness that exists in many gay men. That is not to say that gays in general are shallow per se, but a number of them do wallow in that shallow stereotype and HX has done nothing but promote that kind of thinking and behavior. On how this relates to race, yes, I find that showing Blacks as being highly effiminate or Uber-masculine plays to these shallow extremes... when they even bother to show men of color equally, and they don't which is odd because we are in NEW YORK! A gay publication which supposedly promotes the Rainbow flag and all it represents, certainly in this case seems to be leaving some of the spectrum out, if it doesn't fit their stereotypical mode, and for the record, I'm White and I'm saying this, lest anyone wants to foolishly think that only people of color should be and are concerned about such issues."

  2. HX magazine is an excellent source for anything gay.

    What I find alarming is people like you weeping that "your kind" should not only be featured, more or less, but monopolize the magazine. It is what you are really saying (for those keen enough to read between your lines).

    It's never enough is it? Always grabbing for the brass ring but never polishing it up. You describe what pride should be. Hmmm, take a look around in your neighborhood or at the newest gay hot spot.

    Do you see much "pride" among your streets or in the black community, period? In the bars/clubs, most of the black men are just 2 things.... on the "low", don't talk to me, thugged out Ecko stealers OR acting up worse than an Alvin Ailey dancer on ecstasy after 3 cosmos. There you have it. Had HX been portraying black men as the antithesis of "effeminate", you'd rant and rave in due time about that declarative as well.

    Your not here to change the world, so suggestively, don't even try. Racism still exists. You may ask why? I'll tell you... because it is a constant subject by folks of ethnic heritage to everyone and your kind continue to remind the world of it daily.

    Give up the ghost already. Perhaps if you'd shut up about it, the world would eventually forget about it and hopefully will disappear.

    You can please SOME of the people all the time and ALL of the people just some of the time. The world is an imperfect!

  3. I find it ironic that you are calling HX out on their racism and embracing of stereotype, yet you admit to calling negative representations of the gay male, "faggots." Sorry, but the word "faggot" shouldn't be used, PERIOD. That word, like the word "nigga," is an explosive epithet that has a lot of negative historical baggage, and it is kind of crazy to me that a GAY MAN would identify another gay man by using that term. And what is a negative representation of a gay male? I'm sure there are many things you do or have done that would place you in the same circle of "faggotry" you are placing others. In other words, don't be so quick to judge. There are SOOO many other intelligent ways to address or identify "negative representations" of gay men within the community.

    Also, what is INSULTING about drag queens, men like Jonte, etc, being featured in HX Magazine? Please don't tell me you are one of those effemiphobic gay Black men. If the readers of HX Magazine think men like Jonte, Harmonica Sunbeam, and Rupaul are the ONLY representations of Black gay men, that is THEIR problem, and they probably need to read a book or return to college and take a few queer theory courses.

    Be clear, I agree with a lot of what you said concerning racial discrimination in the gay community. It is a fact that many gay Black men are seen as inferior Mandingo fantasies to their White counterparts. I am just a little shaky about your statements referring to "faggots" and the extremely effeminate. It was the extremely effeminate girls that opened the doors for many gay men. They are also usually the ones on the front lines, doing their thing with no fear of retaliation; the ones that are out, open, and not hiding in a closet as a coward/on the DL. Not saying OUT/OPEN/PROUD "masculine" gay Black men don't exist, but the sisters, they are the mothers of MANY gay movements.

  4. Chaz,

    Plain and simple, you are way out of line.

    1) I will use the word "faggoty" as much as I want, when I am describing the type of gay male I was describing. You're out of line, because it's MY BLOG, MY JUSTIFIED CALL. And since you are obviosuly a new visitor here, let me inform you that I also use "nigga" to describe a Black male who behave in the manner that fit the negative streotype of Black males, because they are also - just males and not MEN. The words "faggot" and "nigga" are negative words and I use them BOTH in a negative fashion. And I get no pleasure in using those words, because of that negativity. But when they fit the situation, the guilty people just have to wear it. Maybe there is a better word. If you think of one, it's a longshot, but I'll at least consider it.

    2) I am not effemiphobic by any means. You sadly seem to be another one attempting to twist my words around to suit the purpose of defending HX's shortcomings. I am quite entertained by drag queens, and have no problem with them. In fact, I have some as friends. BUT when most of the times I see another Black person in a mag they're in drag, yet I see a variety of White people (drag queens, muscle boys, twinks, businessmen, etc.) in that same magazine, I have every right to have a problem with that, because any one living in this great city knows, there is a great variety amongst all the ethnicities here, and that should be represented of us all.

  5. When this reader, and a regular visitor to the LBGT center, first caught a glimpse of the catchy, glossy HX magazine, I was forced to take one of many of the first perusals of it.

    Among its attractions that I was interested in familiarizing myself with, was if it did, how and what kinds of African American models were featured.

    Apart from it's offerings of the various goings on, in and around the city relevant to the LGBT community, it's features appeared to be slanted towards pretty boys of a vanilla hue, and when some one of a beige complexion was featured, he was for the most part Latino.

    On several issues, I investigated this aspect of HX's presentations to see whether I was rushing to judgment, or not.

    However, after leafing through quite a few editions, I became convinced that HX deliberately excluded featuring African American models, similarly as it did not do with those of the beige and vanilla complexions.

    When it did feature an African American, it was usually some one who had been established in the community, either as a well advertised and outed African American celebrity, or one who was, to use Tre X's point, cutely effeminate. Otherwise, the closest depiction of African American models featured therein were mostly very beige or light complexioned.

    I cannot recall seeing one of its editions featuring an African American, like TRE Xavier, as a model equal to its beige and vanilla smorgasbord; and as absent, are ones featuring Asians,Orientals, etc.

    Their are many other TRE Xaviers within the LBGT community, who just happen not to be effeminate, but are just as awesome to look at whether with or without their clothes/shirts on; even ones whose skin tones can be called ebonic/mahogany. Why are they not featured in HX? Certainly, HX cannot imagine that featuring beige/ivory tones, tells the comprehensive and true story of how diverse the AFrican American community is.

    On the contrary, their is a wide range of skin tones with awesome features and astounding good looks, within this community, who, were their full ranges of complexions represented on the magazine, it would make it less boring, to some one like me.

    Likewise, were you to include some of these models, TRE Xavier, for instance, on your float for Pride, how much more appealing and extensive your readership would be, since as the Pride event is your one bug outlet for the year to showcase your bevy of beauties, it would encourage more within the community, as well as, outside of it to check out your editions.

    Now, wouldn't this be what you need to expand your readership, vis a vis your advertising stream, which is what you depend on to allow you to publish and distribute HX for free?

    Lastly, at least for this reader, it would remove the 'flava' of 'racism' from my judgment of HX.

  6. Hmm... I can't really comment on HX, but if it's anything like the rest of the mainstream gay media, or the free gay weeklies in London like Boyz and QX, then I'm sure Tre's onto something.

  7. "HX Magazine does show Blacks can be featured in their magazine. But there's a catch. That Black person, especially males must be of an extreme. Those extremes being extremely effeminate (like a drag queen), or uber-masculine image of a Black male"

    Do you realize that they do the exact same thing to white guys in HX? Present them as either ultra effeminate or hyper-masculine. It's what HX does.

  8. Rant away Nigger Faggot (those are fair game, you said so yourself ... and you are clearly worthy of both negative epithets) rant away. Your bitterness eviscerates whatever cogent argument you may once have had. You're less than 17% of the population -- Hispanics have long since eclipsed you as the most populous minority and Asian are nipping at your heels -- so I'm willing to agree you're being discriminated against if you receive significantly less than 17% of the editorial focus in any given publication. Otherwise, can the self-righteous indignation.

  9. In your cowardice to not even give yourself a name to stand behind your so-called attacked, have you realized that HX Magazine is gone as it should be for the racism it showed. You racist tirade shows that you can't handle the truth on such matters.

    I've made myself worthwhile by taking a stand against racism and calling it out, PROUD TO STAND BY WHAT I SAY BY USING MY NAME. Since you cannot do the same "Anonymous", maybe it would be justice for your worthless existence to meet the same fate as HX.

  10. Sadly for you, I'm still around and will be for a long long time. First, your grammar sucks -- if you're going to rant at least use correct English. Second, yes I know it's gone, but it garnered its owners quite a hefty payoff, so alas for you and your screed. Third, there's nothing racist about my post. Like you profess, I'm just calling you and your bullshit out. Show me less than 17%, and I'll be there with you. Otherwise, shut your whiney trap. Or perhaps I should start bitching because BET and Jet and Ebony don't feature enough whites or Asians or Latinos. You taken a stand against that kind of racism lately, Bro?

  11. I don't care whether you're around or not. The fact is if I'm doing so much whining, WHY ARE COMING BACK FOR MORE ABUSE OF YOU BEING CALLED ON YOUR SHIT? After all this is my blog, and what I say goes. And just as easily as I allow your rants to go up to show how mentally unstable you are, I can delete them and make you forgotten.

    Therefore, it would be wise of you to not comment here again and embarass yourself. Like I said, if you hate me so much, if you're so correct in what you say, then you would say it, and not look back. But showing how much mental help you need, because of your fixation on me - here you are. Which by the way, I'm quite flattered ;-)

  12. OOOooo, you rule a bog. How impressive. That'll never make you white, never take that sad chip of your shoulder, and never make you an object of fixation.

  13. To my readers,

    I apologize for you being subjected to the last interacting group of comments. They are from someone with an obvious grievance with me that has lead to a fixation. This is by no means me being arrogant. The proof is in the pudding. Like I said to this person, if you dislike me so much why keep coming back? Only someone neurotic would do such a thing. I have my suspicions of who this is. In the case of one suspect, the timing is too coincidental that it won't be too hard to expose another racist tirade from a certain porn actor. And with the other suspect, the words are too familiar of a certain teacher whose last spew of a racist term got him slapped in Midtown Manhattan.

    Whatever the case, my readers - you will no longer be bothered by this person, because I will from this point on delete their comments and allow their fixation to eat them alive from the inside out. Thank you.


I HIGHLY respect those willing to stand behind their comments with a name. So if you use "Anonymous" on a viewpoint that challenges mine, IT WILL BE DELETED. For your cowardice to not show yourself makes your viewpoint and you irrelevant.

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