Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sex....Better With Time


"Well golly gee, that's a shocker!", is what I'm sure you are saying with great sarcasm.

I know, it's not. With the graphic details I give of my loving either a cock in my ass, or my dick in a popper-free hole, the fact that I love sex is not a surprise to even my newest of readers.

What may comes as a surprise is that as I get older, I find that I'm liking sex more. More than I ever thought that it was possible to like it. In fact, you may have noticed in my movies that I've never shot a load while getting fucked. Guess what, guys? Now I can. Before, on and off-camera, I ALWAYS needed to re-group myself then jerk-off to shoot a load no matter how good that cock felt in my hole. Now, there's a chance you may see me gush out a load while a cock is ravishing my hungry tight hole.

I've had this discussion with most of my friends, including my friends with benefits, and they seem to realize the same thing in themselves. And I just realized that while the age of my platonic friends run the gamut, ALL of my fuck-buddies are in their 30's and 40's. I used to get mostly 20-somethings as tricks, having what I thought at the time was great sex, but looking back I can see that the best was yet to come.

With that being the case, I wonder why do so many gay porn companies still seek out these just-turned-legal aged males for their movies when they (producers and directors) themselves are usually in my age group and beyond? Has their sex life (unlike mine) become so stale, that they're reliving their past vicariously through these younger models? AND/OR is it that these teens and early 20-somethings who (at that age) have a natural eagerness to please their superiors are easier to control? Therefore stroke the producers and directors ego in a way that the more mature actor is enough of a real man to know his own worth therefore not cater to such insecurities?

Just something to think about.

However, with older guys (by porn-standards) like Bryan Slater in the mix, you can't help watching porn, and envying twinks like Kyle Fairmont from Dark Alley Media's "Tattooed Twinks" who are lucky enough to get plowed by Bryan. But based on what I said earlier about enjoying sex more now as a bottom, it poses the question: Did Kyle Fairmont really have the knowledge of sex to appreciate getting his ass plowed by Bryan Slater? Probably not.

Yes, damnit I admit it. I am one of those envying Kyle, but not because I envy his youth (I mean, look at me!), which is what I originally thought most older people's dislke of twinks stemmed from. It's because of a twink's lack of knowledge. You see, I'm at that point now where given the chance I know how to properly work my tongue and dick on Bryan's ass, and how to properly work that cock, be it with my mouth or my ass. Especially since Bryan Slater is listed as a follower of this blog, what better way for me to express my gratitude. But I can justify my envy towards Kyle Fairmont, because what does a twink really know? Think about it. Sure, a twink can put on a good show, but does he really know what he's doing? Meaning along with physical prowess of working an older guy's dick and ass, does he also have the mental prowess to make himself that much better at sex?

And I think that is where the answer lies as to why sex seems to be getting better as we get older. It's the knowledge of the inner-workings of what makes men tick sexually in general. When you're younger, you're still figuring out what you like for yourself, so how can you be the best lover possible when that fact makes you unable to focus solely on pleasing your partner, because what you like will happen effortlessly. For a younger person, it most likely won't.

In my encounters now, I can pretty much say, "I know what works for me, and what doesn't, so just give me your cock or your ass and I can focus solely on finding your hot spots. And if one of your hot spots is the ego-stroke of knowing you're a good lover, then I'll gladly direct you to my hot spots, because NOW, I know a great many of them. Maybe you'll surprise me by finding another one or more."

And for what man is the ego-stroke of knowing you're a good lover NOT considered a hot spot?

Some of my younger readers are now probably thinking that I feel they could be, or are lousy in bed. That is not the case. I'm just saying whether or not you're well-praised now, learn more, because that knowledge is what's going to make sex just get better with time.

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