Friday, June 12, 2009

After Queens, Sex Fiends

On Monday, I posted an update on Twitter that read:

Both Staten Island and Queens Pride were BLASTS! Check my blog Wednesday 4 my report on the 2 prides, then on Friday about my "after-party".

Well, if you guessed that "after-party" is in quotes because sex was involved, YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

When I realized I was doing Queens Pride, I was trying to get in touch with my new fuck-buddy from "Sex Party Etiquette: Less Talking, More Fucking" since he lives in the area. I did get in touch with him. It turned out that day that a friend (not fuck-buddy) was to stop by, but I was told to call after the performance for an update.

After performing, I called. Problem was that his friend was supposed to be on his way. One thing that has happened between me and my new fuck-buddy is that we can converse with each other for quite a long while. Funny thing is our long talks are initially about sex, we build up tension in each other, we fuck, then after sex, it's a long talk about the state of the world.

This time was no different.

We started talking about my doing porn, and maybe even him doing porn with me. We talked about what we like and this talk went on for quite a while. I was standing outside of a tent for the performers, because I didn't want anyone to hear some of the raunchy things I was saying in reply to his questions. At one point, he said, "Boy, I'm so hard now."

I told him, "Ooooh, don't tell me that!"

He replied telling me that his friend was late already, and he invited me to come over. Needless to say, I couldn't get my bag and self out of that tent fast enough. I said goodbyes to whoever was there, and bolted. Unfortunately, I couldn't bolt like I wanted to because the streets were crowded, so while I walk pretty fast, a 10-minute walk for me became like 15 minutes.

When I got to the door, he saw me still wearing the fitting black jeans I wore for the performance and a black tank top. He went fuckin' wild. It looked like the hottest porno ever. We started kissing, and my bag was still on my shoulders, so I had to just let it drop on to the floor. We were less than a yard away from the front door of his apartment, so if any neighbors walked past - OH BOY, what they must have heard.

He pulled out his thick hard cock, and I was salivating to embrace it with some kind of circular hold - be it my hands, my mouth, or my asshole. BUT before that, I wanted to fuck his hole, because he was a total top on me during our last encounter. And being that he doesn't use poppers made me even more anxious to fuck his hole, because a hole on a popper-free body gives the best fuck.

We made out heavily, then he asked who was going to top who first, and I took full advantage of his offer to let me top him first. The sight of his naked body makes me so royally hard, We laid down on his back, and let me top him missionary. At first, his legs were on my shoulders, and I slid my cock into his tight hole. I started pumping him, loving every second of looking at his face, and his hard cock because he was enjoying my dick inside him. He then he asked if he could wrap his legs around me. When I bottom, I like to to the same thing to guys, and we've discussed before why we like doing that, so I knew that the sex that was already blowing my mind was about to blow my mind even more. Because he, like I, loves feeling a top's ass muscles flex when he's being pumped into. What's also great about that for me is the fact that I LOVE when a hot guy just touches my ass. To be honest, I like it so much that when a hot guy touches my ass as a simple term of endearment and nothing more, he doesn't realize that all he has to do is say the word, and he can plow it from sun-up to sundown, or vice versa.

I then asked to change positions. I had to watch that hot ass of his bounce while fucking him before giving him his turn to bang the hell out of mine. When he bent over, and I looked down to see those sweet round mounds ready for me to enter in between them, I fucked him like a savage. We were dirty talking like we were in a porno. Lucky for me that he liked my cock so much, because without him asking me to stop, it became my call. But his ass felt so good that it took quite a few times of me telling myself to stop before I actually acknowledged my inner-voice and let him have his turn at topping me.

I didn't shoot a load into the condom, and my balls were fat as hell. He did me in missionary before, although I wouldn't mind it again, I let him top me doggy-style. My tight hole was so eager to get him inside me that his thick dick slid into me nice and easy. He said he was going to fuck the cum out of me. Since this rarely happens, I was uncertain if he could fulfill that prophecy of his. In fact, that's never even happened to me in any of my movies. Well, where's a camera when you need one, because he made good on his word. I jerked off a nice load right into his hand, and he used my cum as part of his lube to jerk off with.

With all that sexual tension being released so intensely, you would think this sex tale ended here.


Because my activities of the afternoon to early evening gave such a rush, I felt no desire for another. But I know myself - if the right human specimen comes along, that thought goes out the window ----and it did.

For whatever reason I went to The Cock. By the looks of the crowd at first, I thought that I should just use this night out to unwind from my weekend of running to Pride events and fucking like a rabbit. I decided to go to the bar to get a drink, and who do I see but my fuck-buddy from my post from last Friday. We looked at each other and said our hellos. As much as I love having sex with him, my afternoon had me so satisfied that I didn't get my usual urge to fuck just by looking at him. BUT it was clearly in his eyes. That urge hit me when he stroked my ego big time by saying something I'm sure many of you will understand as to why I caved.

He said, "No lie, but I've been fantasizing about your dick all day."

Told you you'd understand.

I tried deliberating with myself as to why I should pass on this one, but the lust-bucket that I am would hear of it, because it knows full well that this guy is great in bed, and when guaranteed great sex is staring you in the face, a lust-bucket's conscience will not hear of the word "No".

After putting on quite a show for the bar by making out in between sips of my drink and rubbing against the throbbing cock in his pants, which became contagious as I started having one as well, we left and went to his place.

We did a lot of what we usually do, but love to do. One thing for sure that I learned on that night was that he LOVES my cock. He loves sucking it, and tonight it was more than a little clear that he loves getting fucked with it. Because unlike our last bout where we flip-fucked (like my conquest from earlier that same day), this time I was a TOTAL TOP. He took charge with each round by dressiing up my cock, and putting it in his ass. The only time I took charge was in change of position. Such as in one round where I went from being on my back to putting him on his stomach so I could pound him feeling those soft round dancer cheeks cushion my hard thrusts into him. Or another round where I took from being a cowboy riding my dick to putting him on his back and fucking him missionary.

What was baffling me about all this was my having so much sexual energy that I could fuck 2 guys so intensely with little rest in between in less than 12 hours of each other. I guess I should just consdier myself blessed. Because after those orgasms, I think I might have heard angels singing.

Imagine that---angels singing the praises of a sex fiend.

Hey, at least I'm man enough to admit it that after my day in Queens, I became a sex fiend. It was me needing a release.

So safely get yours this weekend. Take care.

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