Monday, March 3, 2008

February 27th With A Possible Taste....

This past Wednesday, I was guest co-host at Will Clark's Porno Bingo along with drag personality Amanda Takehometomother. It was a night to benefit the NY Gay Pool League. An exceptional amount of money has been raised at Porno Bingo this year so far. Somewhere around $4450. So Will Clark had the desired goal of reaching $550 by the end of that night, which would make it more than $5000 raised at Porno Bingo in just 2 months.

During past Bingo games, the Pornstar du Jour would auction off his underwear. I never knew it if was Will's suggestion or the pornstars themselves, so either way I figured that I've done Porno Bingo enough times, that I should have done it by now, so I took the initiative and suggested it. I'm glad I did, because at first glance at the small crowd, I didn't think we would make that $550. Luckily between the Bingo card sales, the raffle by the NY Gay Pool League, and the auction, somewhere over $550 was made. To my surprise, the jockstrap auctioned off for somewhere beyond $100. I guess my fetish for skimpy underwear paid off. And those of you who missed it, you really did miss out - TRUST ME. Just ask the winner of the auction. He got an even better view than the crowd when he took the jockstrap off of me.

So I was pleased by how the night turned out. Especially with a friend of mine (many thought was my boyfriend) and Ben Marksman, producer/director of Knight Stick Films' ALL OUT ASSAULT coming out to cheer me on. And I'm looking forward to this week's Bingo as well, being that it will reunite me hanging with Kris Landherr, who was a Porno Bingo regular when he lived up here. It also marks the Porno Bingo debut of Victor Steele. And if my past experience of being around Victor is any indication of the evening, it should be a very lively night.

I'll elaborate on this, and you'll love this story.

Me and Victor know each other mainly by working a couple of Daniel Nardicio's parties. Victor can be best described as having a mischievous child-like energy, and if you put that in a pornstar - brace yourself. Especially, during 1 night of him go-go dancing at The Cock. I went there after my last guest appearance at Porno Bingo last month, and saw him there. I was leaning on the bar, because even though at the time, it was a small crowd full of open space, the desperadoes were still trying to cop a feel, so leaning against the bar became my only safe haven.

With Victor Steele in the room - remember "mischievous child-like energy" - safe haven, my ass.

I have often spoke of my psychic connection to people, and I knew the second he got on that bar, that if he saw me, I was in for it in some kind of way. And as usual, I was right. I thought that if I had my back to him, when he came to where I was, I was safe. Can you say "FUCKIN' WRONG"? With my back turned, when he got behind me, I could feel his focus on me. Then I felt something like a stick wrapped in cloth tapping me on my head. As I took note of the texture of this stick, I realized that this stick was in actuality Victor Steele's hard dick through his underwear.

Yes, you read correct - VICTOR STEELE'S HARD DICK.

Now, of course all attention is on Victor. After all, he's the go-go boy, that's expected. But now, attention was focused on me as well, with people wanting to see how I was going to react. Now this may surprise you, but I was actually embarrassed. Although, with the combination of my skin tone and the lighting at The Cock, that strange shade of purple is quite hard to see. I will admit that I was flattered by the fact that Victor wanted to have fun with me like that.

Like I said, if that's any indication of what we can expect this Wednesday night, they'll be some funny stories to tell. Even more so because this Wednesday, we'll be celebrating Will's birthday. Maybe Victor can give Will a few birthday taps. HaHa! You never know. So come by Wednesday night, and see if we can egg them on to make that happen.

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