Friday, March 7, 2008

Playgirl's Low - Going Straight For Pay

In recent post, I have made it very clear of my disdain for the idea of "gay-for-pay". Therefore, it should be no surprise to you of how disappointed I am in Playgirl for the recent Fire Island issue featuring gay porn stars such as Ben Andrews, Aaron King, and my scene partner from Oh Boy Escorts 2, Jay Nash (Jamal in the magazine). I am aware that Playgirl has used gay porn models before, but going creating videos and interview with these guys claiming what they like in their fantasy woman is going too far. I don't know most of them, but I have read up enough on most of them in the past, or been a part of events where they were appearing to be aware that practically none of them have come out by way of behavior or flat out saying it like I have and claimed in any way to be bisexual.

I'm bothered by this to the point that while I find most of these guys attractive, when I look at that Fire Island issue, I go past those pages. No matter how great a photographer's eye, while seeing these guys creating such delusions of grandeur is one way I don't want to see them. So what bothers me about this most are not the male readers of Playgirl magazine, but the knowing that women are fantasizing about these guys thinking they have a chance because of what they say in these videos and interviews.

There aren't many adult publications geared towards a female audience. Therefore with a female as the editor, Playgirl should have known better than to induce any falsehoods into a woman's fantasy. For many people, male and female, resort to fantasy because their reality is full of people who lie to them completely. The words coming out of most mouths having not 1 grain of truth to them. So I give credit to magazines like Men, Unzipped, and FlavaMen who may feature a straight man, but not give us the illusion that we could actually have sex with them by having them lie in an interview about what they like in a guy. They allow us our fantasy, and make it known that if you ever come face to face with him, that it can only be just that - a fantasy with no chance of becoming real. A perfect example in FlavaMen was their recent cover model, Axl. I find him extremely attractive, enjoy the fantasy of being with him, and he's well aware of his being the object of such fantasies being that he's posing in a magazine viewed mostly by gay and bisexual men. And I have the utmost respect for that honesty. I respect it to the point that I would enjoy seeing him showing his true sexual nature of being with a woman. Playgirl needs to follow that lead, and while they are free to feature gay men, they should allow the woman to create her own scenario while being fully aware that she's admiring the beauty of a gay man. A man whose sexual nature makes him impossible for her to have in all reality.

Some may look at the adult industry as ONLY a business, failing to realize how much this business can be a help to some. In fact, part of the reason I got into the adult industry was because it was my way of putting my pride in my sexuality on display. Then writing this blog became an additional small way for me to help those struggling with their sexuality (like I was) be they young or old, feel free to be themselves as I do now. So my dislike of sites like CorbinFisher and SeanCody featuring "gay-for-pay" models is not because of the sex, which I will admit for the most part is hot (Guys, it's sadistic, not hot to see a guy in pain from taking a cock in his ass). It's their racism and their marketing, because they don't encourage gay or bi men closeted to themselves to take pride in their sexuality, they encourage gay or bi men closeted to themselves to hide their sexuality, and stay closeted to themselves.

The reason I brought this up is because Playgirl's recent move with this issue does no better. These guys were not allowed to take pride in their homosexuality. They lied to the females who may adore their beauty into believing that an encounter could really happen. While it's good that Playgirl finally admits to having a gay male audience with the introduction of Playgirl Blue, lying to their female audience is not the way to go. To re-iterate what I said earlier, the reason some of these women may be resorting to fantasy is because so many men actually in their lives have lied to them. For the sake of humanity, (and to the editor of Playgirl Magazine, for the sake of womanhood) even though we are in the business of fantasy, shouldn't we give the audience some grain of truth in their lives so they don't live a life of complete delusion that everyone's a liar.

What pains me about writing this blog post is that I have been a fan of Playgirl years before coming to terms with my sexuality. So now, with my prospective changing by my taking pride in my sexuality, Playgirl recent acts disappoint me. And I feel everyone who takes pride in their sexuality AND respect the sexuality of others should feel the same. It is those who are desperate enough to live their lives with the "I'll take what I can get" mentality that will lower themselves to find this form of adult entertainment acceptable. I hope Playgirl and others considering a move like this will realize the message their actions send out, and not do this again.

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