Monday, March 3, 2008

A Dirty Ho @ Ho-Down

As you may recall in my last entry, Victor Steele decided to share some of his spotlight with me. Well, last Thursday at's new party Ho-Down, held every last Thursday of the month at The Cock, someone else decided to share the spotlight with me.

I ran into Vin Nolan not long after I got there, and hung around with him for a bit before him and the other guys put on a show. Thanks to Vin, I got a drink before the show began, and my personal way of avoiding getting drunk is to suck on some of the ice after the drink is gone. I was doing that after the show started, and I eventually wound up right in front to watch the Vin and some of the other guys do their thing.

Then it happened.

I'm standing there content, sucking on my ice, and when Vin looks over and sees me, he motions for me to come on to the stage.

The 1st words out of my mouth were, "Wha' fo'?".

I slowly went towards the stage because not only was Vin on the stage, but so was Joey Grow. After past run-ins with Joey, I knew to prepare myself for this encounter. Because of my psychic link to people, my conclusion of Joey can be best described this way - some guys have a sexual energy that while it turns me on, I can still exhibit some kind of dick control with them, while others have a primal aggressive sexual energy where I need to take a deep breathe and hold it, so I don't feed my cock the oxygen it needs to get hard. And Joey Grow is the latter of those 2. So with that, plus the fact I wound up stripping down to my C-IN2 boxer-briefs on stage, I was up there trying to make sure a hard-on didn't stretch those boxer-briefs and put an eye out. Therefore, a deep breathe was very necessary from the moment Joey put his hands on me.

I got introduced to Sean from, and I know he has some pics of me. I hope they're not too scandalous.

Of course you know I'm being full of it in making that statement. I mean, is a scandalous pic of me possible with me sandwiched between 2 hunks like Vin Nolan and Joey Grow? Highly unlikely.

Just as I was about to call it a night, Vin treated me to something I never had before - Jägermeister. I've heard of it, but never tried it until that night. Now I was fine all night, and once I got that taste, its effect can best be said in 2 words - Ooooooooooh SHIT! I was walking through the streets, and suddenly wondering to myself, "Where in the fuck is the concrete?" Oh don't worry, I wasn't drunk and I got home fine, but I was feeling quite nice while feeling as if I walked on air to the PATH train then on home. I guess it was a smart move for me to put in for that Friday off on my day job, wasn't it?

Now, being that I plan on going to Daniel Nardicio's party this Thursday night, I wonder what adventures are in store for me there. Why don't you go to, so you can get the details to come over and find out? Better yet, make your own adventure.

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