Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Come Play With Me in THE PLAYGROUND

I've had quite a busy schedule lately. Between my shoot with Knight Stick films on the November 18th, my dancing for Daniel Nardicio's Horn Of Plenty party on the 21st, and now this past Sunday the 25th, I go-go danced at Splash in their new weekly event, THE PLAYGROUND. You may have seen it originally promoted on my update page, and my MySpace and DList bulletins as "HARD Attack Sundays".
I was quite nervous because I never did anything like this before. Most of the interacting with fans that I've done so far has been where they proposition me. For this event, I mostly have to proposition them. So all the bringing out of my personality that I've claimed doing Will Clark's events has done for me is now being put to the test more than ever before.
I was the 1st dancer to arrive. Later on I met 2 of my fellow dancers, and they proved to be the variety that the night's promoter, Bobby Austin said he wanted for the night - there was something for everyone. You had the little African/Native American/Venezuelan mutt that I am, a tall hot Asian, and a tall hot Latino. The 3 of us bonded quickly, probably because of our being nervous about the newness of the situation. Although, it was a slow night probably due to it being the end of the Thanksgiving weekend where many are either en route to, or resting from returning home, we did quite well for ourselves. So I'm looking forward to doing it again this Sunday.

Now, while I said "the 3 of us", it pains me to mention that there was a fourth dancer. What pains me is that this 4th dancer is like me, a porn actor, and unlike me, an escort. While the night was slow, my code of ethics made me stick it out until the end, whether I made money slowly or quickly, because I threw my name into the hat to be chosen. And it was circumstances that made it a slow night, not the bar or the promoter, so bailing for me was not an option. This guy's "code" however was to bail because the money was coming slow, so he bailed and left after being there for maybe and hour and a half, if that, to go to the quick money of an escorting client. What annoyed me most about his actions is that it's too stereotypical of what many feel about porn actors - that being extremely arrogant, and an "every man for himself" mentality at any cost. I admit that to be in an adult performer requires some degree of sexual confidence, but not to the point of being vain like this individual was, and I try my damnest not to be. In fact, his actions show him to be so vain, that he probably thinks this blog is about him. Therefore, I won't stay on this part of the evening too much longer.

If anyone had the right to be that vain, it would have been the bartender that all 3 of us were drooling over. Early on in the night, I was dancing on the bar, and whenever I turned in his direction, I could not take my eyes off his ass. Need I remind you, I'm an ass-man? Since he had what a friend of mine would call "the ass of life", I was definitely on the verge of growing a woody right before every one's very eyes.

And speaking of nice asses, early in the night I was walking around with cards telling about the night. I went past one guy, and just by seeing him out of the corner of my eye, I thought to myself, "WOW! I'd like to give him way, way, way more than just a lap dance."

The hottie turned out being Jason Grey from Knight Stick Films' upcoming 1st feature, "All Out Assault". You may recall me mentioning meeting him at The Gay Erotic Expo. Neither one of us had any idea that the other was going to be there, so it was cool to see a familiar face among all those I saw that night.

So as you can see, my first night of dancing at Splash has some everything. Some hotness, some coolness, as well as some rudeness. And I'm looking forward to even more hotness and coolness for a good number of Sundays to come. And you can experience some of the hotness as well, if you stop by to get a lap dance from me or one of my fellow dancers. Compared to some other places, for only $10 a song, you can't lose.
So come play with us in The Playground. Sundays downstairs @ SPLASH starting @ 10 PM, 50 West 17th Street, NYC.

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