Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling The Knight Stick

Just as I was about to call it quits with the porn industry due to all the racism and ageism from quite popular studios (you know who you bitches are) leading to bullshit procrastinations in casting me, someone who aims to show what it means to be a very sexual gay man was actually man enough himself to be true to his word by not giving me a bullshit delay, and took me on. More on why I'm flipping those other studios the bird in a future entry.

But for now, I have good news....

The new company I wrote about in my blog entry about The NY Gay Erotic Expo, Knight Stick Films, have cast me in one of their features.

And it gets better.

My scene partner is Taino, the hottie from Craig Sebastian DVDs "Around The House #7", that I mentioned in that same blog. And the reason I got paired with him is because the producer, Ben Marksman read that blog, and when he wrote me about working for him, he mentioned meeting Taino at the Expo. So since Ben knew I wanted to get fucked by him, I pretty much for once had a big say in choosing my scene partner. Most porn actors at my stage of the game (and beyond) never get to say that.

And come this Sunday, I'll find out if my eye for good-looking men once again works with my radar for finding a guy who knows how to give a good fuck.

Knight Stick Films movies are storyline-driven, so there is a real script involved. With my past as a mainstream performer (which includes acting), this will be easy for me. I won't give away the story, but Taino does manhandle me a bit before fucking me. SWEET! You know I don't mind, especially since pictures of Taino were the only ones I took that entire day at the Gay Erotic Expo. So here's to hoping he fucks me senseless.

If you read the comment from one of his other actors, Jason Grey, he spoke very well of Ben Marksman and Knight Stick Films, and it says a lot when I have to agree with him, and I haven't even shot a scene under Ben's direction yet.

Therefore to confirm my suspicions, this is a definite tale to be continued..... after this Sunday.


  1. Aww dude! Ben Marksman here. Hey, if those other studios are stupid enough to pass on an obvioulsy hot and intelligent performer as yourself... well, their loss is my gain. Let's have fun!

  2. it's nice to see Ben getting the
    attention that HE himself
    is commited to with 100% support and gives his all to, as well his exxxciting way of what the
    porn world really hungers for
    K-S-F is a hot stick to stick with!!

    -Duke .


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