Thursday, November 15, 2007

Show Your Rage Toward The Plagues

In the beginning of my last post, I made the accusation that some prominent studios have been procrastinating in casting me due to racism and ageism. I didn't feel it was right for me to make such an accusation without explaining to you specific instances that brought me to that conclusion about these porn studios.

One such instance is that after making contact with an important figure there, I have been told that when a role comes up that I'm a fit for, I'll be contacted. The problem is this - with so few Blacks in the mainstream porn companies, that is a lame excuse. Ben Marksman of Knight Stick Films said he wanted me in his movie, and he gave me a part within a month of us making contact at the NY Gay Erotic Expo.

Why? Because he wanted the diversity in his cast that really shows New York.

This other guy's company should also be striving for the same goal of showing diversity being that they are already established across the country, and should therefore be displaying a cast that pays homage to that. So to cast me right away would have been a step in the right and long overdue direction because practically all of their movies feature an all-White cast with a Latino here and there. And even then, some of their Latino actors can often pass for White. Therefore, because of the racial make-up of their casts, I have never seen one of their movies, but I was hoping to get a call from them to make me stop my boycott of them. And if I wasn't the Black guy to get cast, I would run out and buy a feature that features a Black actor who is not of the overrun norm in mainstream porn of Black actors being buffed, bald, and tops.

Another instance that brought me to justifiably insult another porn studio is my being asked to give in some footage of my past work.

What is wrong with this?

What's wrong with it is the fact that this director is believed to discover talent of people who have never been in front of a camera before. So why was I asked to show some footage of some past work when the fact that I have past work with various companies at all should be proof enough. Was this his way of making a "nigger" jump through hoops to please his ego? Or has he done this to others, be they Black, White, or whatever just to go on a power trip at the expense of their hopes.

Even though I found this suspicious, I still did it, and have yet to hear anything from this director. So do you smell bullshit? If not, then you are way more naive than I was. Keyword being "was". Hence the reason I am no longer trying to be bothered with this director, because there comes a time when you have to realize you're dealing with an egotistical asshole, and realize to yourself that they're not worth all that work. But more importantly, ACT on that realization.

In acting on that realization, I have returned from my over a year away from in front of the camera, preparing for my mind to work for a project I'm sure that I will be proud of. Because it shows the diversity of the porn-buying public, and not the plagues of racism and ageism that many big name studios have made millions of dollars off of spreading.

Now, I have found a way to show my rage towards these plagues. My question to you is - how are you going to show yours?

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