Friday, November 23, 2007

Fed The Knight Stick

When me and Ben Marksman first met as extras on the set of "Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons" on February 13th, 2005, who would have thought I would be a featured performer in a porno with Ben as director exactly 2 years 9 months and 5 days to that day. Well, to my surprise that day was recently planned and came to fruition on November 18, 2007.

The Monday before the shoot, Ben, my scene partner Taino, and myself met to discuss things about the shoot. Afterwards, being that we were going in the same direction, me and Taino walked together, and exchanged emails. He emailed me and gave me his phone number so we could talk about our turn-ons so we could make it an easier shoot. I never got around to putting his number into my phone, so when he called me the next day, while I was trying to figure out who this was on the other end of my phone, I was also thinking, "Damn, this guy sounds sexy."

I won't go into too many details of what we discussed about what we liked, but I will say that what Taino liked - I enjoyed giving to him or having done to me.

Before the shoot, we took some photos, and Taino went first. The area we were shooting in for the pics and the movie was small so I was in another room out of the way. But when I last saw Taino, he was clothed. Then I was asked back to be Taino's fluffer. I walked in to see Taino totally naked. I knew I would eventually see him that way, but not with the immediate pleasure of being asked to suck his dick. I occasionally get kind of hard while giving a blowjob, but while sucking on Taino, I got really hard. And Taino felt it through my pants. Well could you blame me? You saw the picture from my previous post. Now, being the ass-man that I am, you know I was as happy as a pig in slop to have Taino's dick and my mouth and his plump ass in my hands.

During our Monday meeting with Ben, I figured by some things said that Taino wasn't into rimming. So I was pleasantly surprised while shooting our sex scene when Taino turned me around, put me up against the wall, and started eating my ass. In fact, that great surprise made me even more willing to give up my ass.

But for a moment, it was almost Taino giving up the ass. We all had a brief moment of me possibly doing as some of you suggested - I was almost a top in this one. Taino was cool with the idea, but hesitant because he said the same thing many of you keep saying about me, but I refuse to believe. That being how I have a big dick. I was actually willing to devote a good half-hour to prepping his ass to get fucked, because one thing I neglected to mention from our phone conversation is that Taino is for the VERY most part a top. So his hole would have been super-tight. And he would have definitely needed to get prepped because I'm sure I would have lost myself if I had got inside that tight hole, and hit my groin up against his ass. Instead, it was as it should be with his dick in my hole, and his groin hitting up against my ass, which I especially loved when he laid me down on my stomach, and fucked me that way.

Taino was such a rude fucker to me. And being that's what his character called for, I was loving it. Definitely when he called me "pussy-boy". I got so turned on when he said things like , "Yeah, you like that dick, don't you Pussy Boy?"

But because Taino had to play such a rude dominating fucker meant I myself had to really act here. Because for my normally aggressive bottom self, it meant I had to be totally submissive to this bad boy fucking my brains out. Well, one thing that made it easier, was how it wasn't acting was when I tell Taino how his dick is amazing. So YES, I was very well fed the knight stick.

Between the professionalism of Ben Marksman and Taino, I had a day on the porn set that I've been looking for all along. An ethnically diverse cast for one. A director who never took a shot at the sexual egos of me or my scene partners because he respected us as performers and fellow artists. And lastly, a scene partner who is enough of an organizer to take the time to learn what we can do to each other to make the shoot go more smoothly.

Will I do more? Only time and fate will tell that one. Who knows? It did this time, maybe it will again.

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