Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'm Nearing Half a Century,....NOT Nearing Ugly, Asexual, or Impotent

Especially by gay nightlife and gay media, being 30+ is treated like a death sentence. Well, as I turn 47 on March 31, 2018, this is my decree as to how I beg to differ and why.


  1. So who in the gay media denigrates those who have come out after their 20s?

    I can see that happening in night life, but who cares? There are plenty of young gay men who support and honor older gay men. I am nearly your age, so I say that from experience.

    And my reflection about gay night life is that when I was 35, I really didn't want to be hit on by a 55 year old. I think that is a completely reasonable expectation, and I never thought of myself as being judgmental in my position on older men. I never shamed them. I would talk to anyone. But I didn't appreciate being stared out, touched, followed etc. AND I never complained about it. (HINT HINT!!)

    1. You seriously need to PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Just as I said in the video, gay media always makes younger gays look like the epitome of beauty, sexuality, and virility. You want names, I'll give you names: QUEERTY. INSTINCT. OUT. These media outlets never give older gays the chance to shine. And with that list, I could easily go on.

      And who cares about it happening in nightlife? Anyone over 25 should care. Because as I stated in a recent Facebook post, many events make older patrons UNJUSTLY pay more.

      Also, if you never complained about being touched, then you have no self-respect for your personal space. I DO. I also respect my time. And out of fear of bad Karma, I have no desire to waste the time of those guys I'm not interested by talking to them simply to stroke my ego. Therefore, being another stereotypical gay male.

      Lastly, I do not trust your faceless and untraceable profile in this matter. Your anonymity allows you to be another enabler, looking to give a playground to potential pedophiles and rapists. So unless you're ready to have this exchange minus online anonymity, your position will be given no further grounds.

  2. My libido faded away rapidly in my late 40s. Since then, I've come to see how much time I'd spent trying to get men's attention...and how unsuccessful I was at doing so. Even if getting older DOES mean that sex fades away, don't worry, life without sex can be very good. I won't say it's wonderful, but it's well worth sticking around for.


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