Friday, April 29, 2016

Sex Toy Review - Sensuelle Pro Homme

The sex toy industry can be very gender specific. Even at times when it doesn't need to be. Such as in the case of the Sensuelle Pro Homme.

For if you've noticed that the Sensuelle Pro Homme looks very much like the Sensuelle G, the female G-spot vibrator, there's a reason for it.

It's because the Sensuelle Pro Homme and the Sensuelle G are the same exact toy. Just different colors for gender-specific marketing purposes. So if you're a male wanting a purple toy instead of a black one, there's nothing wrong with going over to the section for female vibrators and picking up a Sensuelle G. And vice versa for you female readers.

With that said, female readers can take all that I say about the Sensuelle Pro Homme pleasing the prostate and very easily apply it to why that toy and the Sensuelle G might please a woman's G-spot. Also, if a straight couple considers a night of playing with toys (instead of intercourse), with one toy for her vagina and one for his anus, using these 2 toys on each other might be just what you're looking for.

None of this is to start this review by saying that the Sensuelle Pro Homme is a bad toy. It's just to establish before proceeding how I'm aware that for some readers, there might be a level of familiarity when seeing this toy. So if such is the case, those readers are made aware they're not wrong.

So to proceed, the features of the Sensuelle Pro Homme include:
* Made of silicone. Therefore, it's non-porous and won't hold bacteria after cleaning
* Water-resistant
* Rechargeable
* 10 vibration patterns
* Massage ball in the tip has 3 speeds

The reason I've included these gifs of the massage ball in the toy's tip is because if a demo of this toy is not out, then you don't know exactly how this feature looks.

So speaking of the massage ball, the back and forth motion of the prostate massaging ball is one way of giving the user the option of using their hands to move the Sensuelle Pro Homme for stimulation or not. For combined with one of the 10 vibration patterns, the massage ball's back and forth motion makes it very easy to imagine being stimulated by your fantasy person's back and forth motion. A feature that is unlike most vibrators and even more so, vibrating prostate massagers.

NOTE: To intensify the massage ball's rubbing on the prostate, if laying down on a bed, I suggest simply pushing the Sensuelle Pro Homme more towards the bed. As well as an up-and-down push of the massager makes an even more intense experience.

From all of this, it should be no surprise that my orgasm from this toy was intense. In addition, I noticed something that I'm sure stems from the prostate massaging ball. I ejaculated more semen from use of this toy than from not just a typical handjob, but also more than any other vibrating toy I've used anally. And I'm sure it's because of the actual massage AND vibration on the prostate, as opposed to the only vibration on the prostate from other toys.

With all that said, I would rate the Sensuelle Pro Homme as one of the best electronic sex toys used anally that I have encountered to date.

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