Thursday, April 14, 2016

See Me Return to Mr. Nude York

Well, after my absence last year for reasons stated in a blog post from about a year ago, I'm throwing my name in the hat again to try to be crowned Mr. Nude York.

I still feel win or lose, my presence is necessary. For I'm seeing my greatest fears of Black gay males come to fruition...That they've given up trying to show themselves as a contender for beauty and sex appeal because gay media has beaten down their confidence. Even when these fellow blacks claim to be like me, an exhibitionist. So someone needs to show that we're not all beaten down.

And I will not just be representing my color, but also my age group. For it needs to be shown that just because you're over 30, that doesn't mean you roll over, act dead, and live vicariously through the 20-somethings by paying their way for everything their greed desires. In short, I'm adding messages to this statement I will always make with my exhibitionism: 

By wanting my presence to give such a message, I hope to see you there for support. To be entertained by me, and all the hot bods in their undies.

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