Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Not A Bussy, Mussy, Man-gina, or Boy-pussy! It's an Asshole, You Ass-head!

Recently, I went a Milk Chocolate NYC party held at Paddles. I was approached by this Latino with a hot ass. He asked me to fuck him, and with that ass, I just couldn't resist.

He put a condom then lube on my dick, and took me over to what look like a doctor's examination table. He then assumed the position to be fucked from behind. Ignoring the taste of that horrible Lifestyles lube given out for free, I ate his ass for a bit. As an ass-man, it was a must. I then put my cock in his ass, and he moaned instantly. And with each of my thrust he got louder and louder. At one point, I pulled back so far to go in with a harder thrust that I slipped out. He took that as a chance to get on his back. I then proceeded to top him. Between the sounds of body slaps from my sweaty groin meeting his lubed ass, and the metal of that exam table shaking from my thrusts, we definitely caught guys' attention. So a crowd quickly formed.

While I was topping him to ecstasy, I heard someone commentating. Now, while I hate guys commentating, I accept that what I'm doing is turning them on. And as an exhibitionist, I have no problem with that. However, the problem I have with commentators is that they often say stuff that makes them either sound stupid, OR prove they are stupid.

And sadly I must report, the latter is what happened with this commentator. For while I was banging the fuck out of the Latino, making him moan and grab me as he begged for more, this big roided-up-looking black guy said, "Yeah. Pound that pussy!"

The words made the Symphony of Sex we were creating screech to a halt in my head. Like the sound of an LP being stopped on a turntable back in the day. So I tried to ignore him, but he said it a few more times. With each time making my tolerance drop like a pressure gauge when you let go of the pump. So giving less than a fuck about his size, I was a step away from telling him to shut the fuck up...

Because I hate, hate, HATE hearing a gay male call a man's asshole a "pussy", or any word that equates it with being a female's vagina. So that includes "cunt", "bussy", "mussy", "man-gina", or "boy-pussy".

Back in the day when I was blogging for Pitbull Productions, I wrote a blog post about the rare occasion I would accept a guy calling my asshole a "pussy", "cunt", or any word that is close to equating it with a vagina. I said it would be when I'm having sex with a guy who is making his way from living a lie of calling himself "straight" to finally coming out as gay or bisexual. Once he's out however, he's to call my asshole exactly what it is, an asshole.

My position still stands on that. For I own my gayness. However, I understand not everyone can come out like I did grabbing their degree of homosexuality by the horns. Unlike me, who never dated a male or female before my coming out to myself, many guys dated females before coming out. Therefore, their coming out is even more of a process. He's going from putting his penis in one body orifice known specifically for a female to putting it in a body orifice that both genders possess, but during that time, he can easily see and/or be touched by the same genitalia as him. So I'm understanding in letting them use words to weed them off of sex with females for that coming out process.

With that said, if you need to use of such words for your process, then you're at a point in your coming out process that you need to have sex in the presence of those who know of your process. Saying such words to a stranger at a gay male sex party makes you look like you don't belong. And if you're at that point of your process, then not to be mean, but in all honesty, you don't belong...yet.

In other cases, a guy claiming to be totally gay using words like "bussy", mussy" or "man-gina" is like a gay guy once tried to say about my defining myself as a predominately gay bisexual...He said he viewed bisexuals as gays trying to hold on to the straight world. Well, who's trying to hold on to the straight world more? Me, who stands firm on the position of calling my asshole an "asshole"? OR the kind of gays claiming to be totally gay, yet referring to a male's assholes as "bussy", "mussy", "man-gina", or "boy pussy"?...

Such gay males seem to have "pussy envy", and want to compete with females. But NEWS FLASH, GUYS! If you base your competition on quantity, YOU CAN'T!!!

We males have 2 holes that can please a man's dick - our mouth and our asshole. Meanwhile, females have 3 holes - their mouth, their pussy, and their ass. So we males need to be men, and suck up the lost. Females have us beat when it comes to quantity.

However, (if you must compete) we can present a competition with quality. After all, a female having 3 holes to please a dick doesn't mean she's maintaining them well. For I'm sure my tight well-kegeled asshole can give a woman's well-kegeled pussy a run for its money. So stop being size-queens and popper-addicted cock-cowards creating loosey-goosey holes for yourself, and maintain what you have.

When I'm having gay sex with a totally out gay man, he's to share in the mindset of owning his orientation. Any signs that he's not by using those aforementioned words makes him lose his sex appeal to me. For words are a big turn on. And not just for me because I'm a writer, but for many. There are many more word-pervs out there than you know. If you agree with my position on this, you're probably one yourself.

So keep us happy by calling a dick, "dick", a pussy, "pussy", and an ass, "ass".

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