Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Ongoing Anti-Gay, Misogynist, White Male Supremacist "Minds" of The Facebook Police

I was blocked 3 days for posting this:

Sharing an undeniable TRUTH told by Jessica Ransom:
These are the only type of gay boy movies that get made...

2. Drug Use
3. Eating out (there's like 8 of these horrible movies)
4. A white player dude falling for another white dude.
5. White gay dudes and their straight white fag hags
6. More AIDS flicks
7. A straight acting white gay male in the closet, falls for a white bottom
8. A straight famous hollywood actor playing gay just win an Oscar.. doesnt matter the subject or if the movie is good or not. He is STRAIGHT and playing GAY! (Color me SHOCKED)
9. Bio Pics
10. Suicide/Depressing shit (see #2)

And my reply:
Hence why #GayCinema is not, and should not be treated respectfully. Until producers, writers, and directors show ethnic and emotional diversity to ourselves FIRST, then the world, it will be a medium that deserves it being repeatedly overlooked, and easily forgotten.

Blocking me from posting for 3 days over this ONCE AGAIN shows that if you are Black, gay, or female showing that you have enough of a brain in your head to see the messed up truth around us, then the racist, anti-gay, women-hating tech geeks at Facebook will undoubtedly immediately place a bullseye on your head.

After those 3 days, on May 31st, I met a tall European with brown hair, pulled back to a small ponytail at Daniel Nardicio & Owen Hawk's party, Sausage Factory. Unfortunately, he did what many non-Blacks (and even some Blacks) who claim to be racially open to finding Black males attractive do. He was all into me, but once the White-dominated gay media ideal of Black beauty being a gymrat, dark-skinned, and bald guy showed up, I became runner-up, or less. And when I called the European on it, he tried to justify himself by comparing the expectations of him being a tall, slim European with that of being a Black male in the gay community. Yes, my gay Black brothers and sisters, you read correct. If I thought to remember his name, I would have found his pic, and posted it here so you could keep an eye out for this asshole. Anyway, I told of this incident on Facebook, and added that if I didn't have the self-control that I have, such a statement from him "could cause him damage."

For this, the post was removed, and I got blocked from posting another 7 days. Hence why important a post as it is, "The 'Are You Clean?' Challenge" didn't get the posting and sharing that it should have gotten on Facebook. Because the Facebook police in their repeatedly offensive fashion unfairly silenced me. Motivated by their White racist, anti-gay, women-hating, dumb jock fratboy mentality.

For example, via Twitter I was made aware of someone asking for a Facebook page to be taken down. For it was made by a guy supporting the shooter of the UCSB shootings, Elliot Rodger. The reason the tweet was posted was because Facebook gave a political bullshit response saying that it was better to report an individual post rather than an entire page. What makes this bullshit is the fact that the moment Facebook was notified that a page supporting Elliot Rodger was up, if they are going to take down my post, and block me for 3 days, then 7 more, then they should have definitely sprung into action and gave a worst punishment to whomever made that page supporting Elliot Rodger. But since this is not the first time Facebook has showed a double standard that favors hateful White males, their slow action (if any) is not a surprise.

So this post is to make you aware. If you haven't realized it by now, should you show admiration for the near nude female form, or should you speak ill against a woman of any color, a gay person, and/or a person of color (especially Black), Facebook could care less. But if you show pride in your homosexuality by way of male suggestive photos, of should you speak against the fuck-faced and/or mentally unstable antics of any White male, Facebook puts a bullseye on you to silence you.

And this double is not a situation that is unique to only me. Along with myself, I have had many gay male Facebook friends show male suggestive photos (not nude or pornographic) with groins covered and maybe 2 tiny hairs of male pubes being either issued warnings, been blocked from posting, or both. Meanwhile, to entertain the frat-boy mentality of their tech geek police, Facebook allows a photo showing a female with a bikini so small that she has a camel-toe, or is so far down that all the material really covers is her clit.

With all that said, I wonder can a class action suit be brought against Facebook for harassment of some kind. For online bullying of this kind is sounding much like a Social Media Aged Klu Klux Klan, and Christian right wing mindset that says, "Show what we like, and what we are. We see your existence and likes to be an abomination. Therefore, we're going to taunt and bully you until you go into hiding, and/or die from the shame we bring upon you."

Sounds about right, my colored and gay brothers and sisters? Sadly, in 2014, even in the virtual world, ...yes, this is happening.

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  1. I agree with what you say! I am glad that movies like Elliot Loves and Leave it on the Floor have been made. Pity that there are not more movies though.


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