Monday, August 4, 2014

Using Modus Vivendi To Say "Black IS Beautiful": Blacks ARE Good Enough, Part 1

As some of you may know that I once wrote a blog post about a sex party I attended entitled "My Sex Drive at Hard Drive". Since then, I have gotten weekly updates on the party, including the changing of the name to Handsome NYC.

A couple of weeks ago, the weekly email told of a fashion show for the underwear/swimwear company Modus Vivendi was to take place at the party. The email also included a call for models. Due to the lack of medium to darker complexioned Black male underwear models, I was sure most Black guys' faith would be shaken. Therefore, not submit their names out of fear of rejection in being chosen. So I decided to throw my name in the hat as a way to say those racists, and Blacks doubting their beauty:

Modeling in a fashion show at a sex party might seem like an extreme means to make such a statement, but as a single, exhibitionist gay Black man, I had to go where the opportunity to make this much-needed statement presented itself. 
And it's sad that I had to use an event intended for fun to make such a statement, but it's times like these that make me call for the removal of many present powers-that-be in gay media. For it is them who put the idea in many people's head that "Black is not beautiful". A falsehood I have for years been battling.

Now, I'm sure there are some racists who saw me in the fashion show, and/or photos who followed the "fashion" world's lead by feeling my Black skin in the mix ruined everything. Especially with me being the FIRST to walk out on the runway.
Well, if that's their problem, then they need to get out of the color-filled melting pot that is America. For based on the comments and likes group photos like the one above have received, my presence proved that Black skin in the midst of light ruins nothing. And if they refuse to see that, then whatever age they are, they can't say about their so-called beauty what I can honestly say about mine. Which is:
I am a 43 year-old Black male who is in better mental and physical shape than many of the 20 and 30-somethings who turned up their noses at my presence in the fashion show, the photos, and this video. So all I care about their gripe is the undeniable fact that it proves my inner and outer beauty outdoes theirs.

So with that said, to all you envying haters, have a nice so-called life.

And to my friends and followers, THANK YOU, for your continued support. :-)

Read Part 2, "Fuck, I'm Sexy!" HERE.

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