Sunday, January 19, 2014

Talking EXPLOITATION et al. with Justin Samuels

My last blog post was about my annoyance with a guy I briefly dated, but remained civil with named, Lovari. For announcing he was producing porn with Latino Fan Club, which features a lot of guys claiming to be "on the down low".  And I've made it no secret about how I feel about that and "gay-for-pay". Hence my annoyance.

Shortly after, Lovari did an interview with blogger/author Justin Samuels who  mentioned my blog post about Lovari in that interview. I then found myself verbally attacked by commenters and responding by re-iterating points I had already made in my blog post about Lovari. Most comments were signed "Anonymous" (chicken shits), and to be honest, I suspect that some were from Lovari himself. For the wording was too similar. Plus, if more than one person's brain is that ass-backwards, then we are truly doomed as a community.

Anyway, to be fair, Justin Samuels offered me an interview to explain my point of view for his audience. I graciously accepted, and not only did we address my viewpoint on producing porn with guys on the down low. We also addressed the state of gay nightlife, gays in the military, and gay marriage as well. So check out the interview:

LeNair Xavier on the Exploitation in the Porn Business and Gay Club Scene 


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