Monday, January 13, 2014

Lovari's Loose Screws To Hypocrisy

It is coming up on 5 years since I wrote the blog post, "Crash And Burn On Valentine's Edge". If my most loyal readers recall I never revealed the guy in that post. Well, that guy is the singer, Lovari.

Why am I revealing this now? For my rule is that I need to get that story out of my system, but initially, I try to respect you enough to keep your name and/or face out of it. Even when it's a sexual escapade, and I feel you've shown a skill and/or degree of character that you should be publicly lauded for. However, when you cross a line with me that sends you into exile from my life...all bets are off. Such a low was recently committed by Lovari.

I have said a great deal against the gay porn industry over the last 4 years, plus for even longer been vocal in my stance against gay-for-pay or being "on the down low". So imagine my annoyance when I saw a Facebook update like this from Lovari, someone I once gave of my time to:

You might think since our brief involvement of 10 days occurring 5 years ago, that I should look at Lovari now partnering with Latino Fan Club as some kind of progress. Think again!

For at least I'm honest, out, and proud about my love of dick and male ass. Progress for Lovari would be him partnering with a porn company that features guys just as honest, out, and proud of themselves. If that was the case, as much of an issue I have with the industry at the moment, not only would I not think so low of him now, but I might actually consider a brief return. However, such is not the case. Instead, he's partnering with a company that produces porn that:
1) is known for giving sexual praise to Latinos who are ghetto trash;
2) glorifies living a mentally and emotionally scarring double life, which can easily influence questioning gay/bi males to do the  same, and;
3) gives the models shit pay in the process of 1 & 2.

So if there's any question as to why I said to him, "YOU HAVE SUNK TO A NEW FUCKIN' LOW!", there shouldn't be now. 

Yet, Lovari actually tried to say to me that my being vocal in my disappointment with him is "the pot calling the kettle 'black'". In short, he tried to called me a "hypocrite" - wondering how I could have done porn, but be annoyed that he's now producing it. Well, this is very easy to explain. And this explanation also goes out to any dumb-ass ready to side with Lovari by making his same lame-brain argument...

For while I have made homemade porn since leaving the industry, I officially left the porn industry in September 2009. That is 4 1/4 years ago (if the math escapes you), and have always been vocal as to why I left. Plus, in all of my porn videos (industry-based and homemade), I always made a point of being out and proud of homosexuality. For I have said in many interviews and on this blog that I got into the porn industry to inspire the questioning to feel comfort in whatever degree of homosexuality they had, and not shame. Meanwhile, Lovari is producing porn that incites that very shame. Showing guys fucked up enough in the head to be ashamed of their homosexuality, yet try to make a buck off of their self-shame. So there is no pot calling the kettle "black" here. There is simply me telling the truth, and Lovari's inability to handle that most porn producers.

Unfortunately now, I am led to believe that Lovari's "Likes" for my Facebook posts about the porn industry was him trying to get my support for his porn endeavors by way of claiming to support my viewpoint. This (in his mind) would ward off me coming at him the way I did. The problem is that makes his support of my viewpoint a lie. And since I loathe liars, such a stunt makes him fit right into that shady business.

As many times as I've been through this, this level of stupidity still baffles me. For with all that I've said on the issue of gay-for-pay in blog posts, AND conversations during and since our 10 days of dating, how STUPID can Lovari be?!

How stupid can he be to believe that I am going to support him producing porn featuring guys who claim to be on the "down low"?!
How stupid can he be to believe that I am going to support this when the reason we stopped dating is because he couldn't handle my sexuality that allowed me to be sexually liberated enough to do porn?! So he now is going to influence others to appear as sexually liberated for the sake of a buck?! But lie to themselves (and you) about their obvious orientation?! Sounds like a bit of hypocrisy if you ask me. But adding to the hypocrisy is when you consider how Lovari once pissed a bitch about how gay events were not hiring and/or being headlined by out and proud gay music artists. Now, if you read this blog for any length of time, then you know how much I hate hypocrisy. So now, thinking back to the fact that I allowed him to kiss me... 

Eww! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!

Luckily, I have thoughts of my interview with the organization, to pull it back. For it reminds me that I'm doing something to combat the matter by addressing the matter.


  1. You sound hypocritical.

  2. Team Lovari all the way!!!!!! LFamz!!!

  3. Sorry boo boo, but the reason that this story has the most page visits is because of Lovari 's fans, like me. So you can stop thinking he has all these enemies because it looks like you're the only one.

  4. Your 15 seconds of um fame are up dude.

  5. This blog makes no sense. You merely sound like a bitter ex. Move on dear.


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