Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hungry For My 2nd D.P.

For years now, I have been making pleas to be double-penetrated. Well, last year around this time, it finally happened. I never wrote a blog post giving details. I instead told those details at a storytelling event in Brooklyn called Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire, and Romance. So if you're a New Yorker, and missed me telling it, then that's your lost.

Anyway, while it was a good experience, I'm writing this because I want it again. I've noticed that the last couple of times I've written about wanting to be double-penetrated, based on how and who it finally happened with, I got offers that never came to fruition. All I will say about the actual occurrence is that I was not mentally prepared for it. The 2 guys were not 2 guys I wanted together. Also, it did not play out where at least one of the guys was someone I had been topped by in the past, as I said I wanted in Eureka!....Discovering My D.P. Formula.

So basically, I want a do-over. A double penetration where my preferences are not undermined by one's lust-induced selfishness. Such as how, I'm not a size queen, and since this is a double penetration, I DO NOT need a monster cock! Especially, if one guy is as thick as 2 average size guys. So if you come to me with the words, "He's got a big dick" as a selling point in your pitch, both you and him will lose your shot. For I'm about character strength, not dick length. If this seems like me being a bit bossy, I have a right to be. After all, this is my body, so it's my call. Furthermore, whter by knowing me personally and my blog posts about this wish, guys who should have known better about me did the "he's got a big dick" pitch to me. So thinking back on that has me a bit annoyed and frustrated of how too often when a male is horny, his lust makes him selfish to the point that he only half-listens, if at all.

Anyway, what I still also want is the initial one-on-one starting with the guy I've never been with before, then followed by one guy I've been topped by before. And if I've been topped by both guys before, then maybe then we can do something else I've never done before -----get fucked blindfolded.

Over the next couple of months, we have 4 holidays coming up. One is an actual holiday, while the other 3 are essential only to me. They are:

February 9th - The day I came out to myself. Going into the morning of;
February 10th - The day I lost my virginity (in a 5-man orgy)
February 14th - Valentine's Day
March 31st - My birthday. This year I turn 43.

So any of my past playmates reading this wanting to be one of my 2 tops should keep those dates in mind. OR if both of my tops are to be new playmates, then we should have a 1-on-1 before or on one of those dates, then the double penetration on one of the those dates.

So who's man enough? For if I'm man enough to want to take on 2 dick with my tight hole, someone should be man enough to comply, and on my terms.

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