Sunday, April 7, 2013

Come Hear! Kiss....The Rainbow



On April 13th I will be debuting my poem,
"Kiss The Rainbow"
at Come Hear!, the Poetry Salon of The Rainbow Book Fair.

What is so important about this poem is the fact that it addresses sexual racism, which is a too much unspoken mental plague in the gay community. Now, to those quick to say, "it's just a preference", take note that the difference between racism and preference is not just one of, but it's the 1st thing I will address in the poem.

So this will be a poem that those who:
1) don't practice sexual racism can be glad to hear it finally addressed. And not with the kid gloves practically all gay magazines and news blogs use dealing with the matter;
2) have lied to themselves about not practicing it, but will come to realize they are. Therefore, they can start the work on themselves to stop it.

And since for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, you can be sure that the guilty who are aware of this poem (be they average Joes, magazines, or news blogs) will flee when my time to take to the mic nears. Meanwhile, the unaware guilty parties will sit there and cringe. For my words will be a mirror showing the ugliness of their soul, what that ugliness is making them miss out on, and the future it will bring forth that many of us refuse to see has happened to others right before our very eyes.

At the moment, my planned time to take to the mic is around 3:30 or a little after, but that can change. So keep checking back here to be sure. Of the many things you can do there, I hope to see that you'll come hear this very important message. Thank you.

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