Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ghost In Your Bed

We have all experienced it.

Guys you dated who show that they were such emotional cripples that  they weren't man enough to love you, so whoever they get is a watered-down version of you. Or guys who you didn't actually date, yet all signs seemed like they could and should lead up to it, but at that pivotal moment, they pulled away. Or guys be they husband, boyfriend, prospective lover, or fuck-buddy, who simply took you for granted. On here, names like Danny and Toby, and most recently on my Tumblr blog, Benjamin Fredrickson, make it more than obvious that I can relate.
And what makes it worst is not only are there more sad details about them that I left out in those posts, but the fact that there are others like them. All of whom deserve my quote from "Write That Down #16".

Whatever the case, after giving your best to them via your time, mind, caring, and body, they will be haunted for not giving you anywhere near that same degree of good in return. For they will fear the wrath of Karma., and that will be your vindication. Knowing that whether consciously or subconsciously, their well-deserved guilt and shame will make your voice echo in their head. Saying to them, "I am the...

Now, if you still think their misbehavior doesn't haunt them,...then explain why the guy from "You Can Say Never" sent me a "Happy Thanksgiving" email when the last time I spoke to him was when I ended things over the summer.

Enough said. ;-)

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