Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kiss....The Rainbow - The Video

Last Saturday, I was one of the many poets to participate in The Poetry Salon of The Rainbow Book Fair.  I was originally under the impression that our allotted time was 5 minutes. However, the night before the Book Fair, I saw in the email that the allotted time was 4 minutes, so the intro to the poem that was in the video is an impromptu condensed version of the more detailed one I had originally written.

So if time allowed, this would have been the longer, but more importantly detailed version of the intro you would have heard:

Sexual racism, treating one ethnicity as being more worthy of sexual praise over another, is a big problem amongst us. It’s done by the heads of gay media outlets, party promoters, bars & club staff and patrons, at sex parties, but most of all by way of the cyber-veil known as the internet - where people cowardly type their racist crap, turn tail, and run. It’s like many of us are using color as a weapon to make your fellow gay man or woman feel unworthy. The same way hypocritical, Bible-thumpin’ right-wing claimed heterosexuals try to make all of us feel like we’re unworthy of God’s love, getting married, or even being alive.

Some of you may have been on the receiving end. Some of you may be the guilty party. Some of you may have been witness to either or both of the aforementioned. Some Whatever the case, this poem was written to show that this in-fighting, this cycle of bullshit belittling needs to stop. For if a rainbow flag is supposed to represent our community, then it’s time to stop being hypocrites about it, and do as the title of this poem says, “Kiss….The Rainbow”.
In any case, as with all my poetry, I hope I was the voice saying what you have been wanting and/or needing to say. Thank you.

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