Friday, November 9, 2012

Run From The Fun

The stigma of there being massive drug use in the gay community was once believed to be due to gays needing to escape from the shame brought on by society for them being gay. After all, drug and alcohol abuse are known tools of escapism, so it makes sense.

Well, in the last couple of years, a lot has changed. Gays are more accepted in society and the mainstream media. In the United States, not that I care so much, but our own recent Election Day saw gay marriage become legal in 4 more states. Also, celebrities who rightfully kept the public guessing their sexual orientation have now revealed their homo- or bisexuality. So with such progress in acceptance, and less need for shame, why is drug and alcohol abuse still so rampant, maybe even growing in the LGBT community?

My suspicions that it's actually growing arose from my noticing how it's gotten bad to the point that drug addiction and alcoholism it is now playing part in gay porn videos thanks to sites like Fraternity X. Sure, some of you might look at the animated gifs and  say, "Oh, it's just weed." But maybe you need to look further.

For add to that the fact of how some of their video descriptions specifically talk of how the guy in the scene was "partying", which we all know means drug use. Even if we don't see it, the mention of that word "partying" says to us crystal meth, cocaine, or some other drug besides marijuana is being used heavily to motivate the sex play. Now if drug use hasn't grown in the community, then porn scenes like ones from sites like Fraternity X are only solidifying the stigma that I've seen firsthand to be true --- of how many porn actors really are drug abusers and alcoholics.

In any case, for some gays, whether it's marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine, extacy, k, heroine, some other drug, some kind of alcoholic drink, or even poppers, one or more of these are not just an occasional sex play "helper". Instead, they're a requirement for their every sex play, which lessens their worth to me. And don't hate me for saying it. Because if you thought more of yourself, and the quality of the sex you were having, you wouldn't be doing any it trying to call it an "enhancer".

After this and my documented encounters with drug abusers and alcoholics, this all made me more so than ever put my foot down as to what I will and will not tolerate from a sex partner, or life partner in regards to drug and alcohol abuse. So now that you know the backstory, please take heed of:

Since so few people seem to have such rules in play for themselves, that makes this poem very necessary. So for the sake of the LGBT community erasing that stigma of us all being drug abusers and alcoholics ashamed of ourselves and our sex play, please pass this poem around, so the words can inspire more and more of us to live by its message. Thank you.

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