Friday, November 23, 2012

Return To Boxers & Briefs

This past Wednesday I went to the GBU/NYJP sex party event "Boxers & Briefs". I haven't been in awhile because I began to realize the patrons to be mostly racist Whites who make a fetish out of non-Whites. So part of the reason I went back after all this time was to see how much has changed since the last time I was there has been over 1, maybe even close to 2 years. And while I had my fun, unfortunately I must report that not much of that has changed. And before I go any further, let it be known that this post shows no hate or offense to the party hosts. My issue is with the majority of patrons.

I once again saw Blacks and Asians either being made fetish tools out of, discarded to not join in their White circles, or dismissed like their existence is a plague. Light-complexioned Latinos were again the accepted non-White. Even with recognizing this all being the case, as always, I still managed to find solace in my playtime.

The solace in what I saw came in 2-fold:

1) When I go to a sex party, because of my height of 5'6", and 145 lbs. fit physique, I don't have the height and gym-rat build that makes me a racist White media-induced perception of what a beautiful Black man is. Therefore, I'm at peace because I stand (not 100%, but) a better chance at whichever non-Black guy I get with, his attraction to me was because he has enough of an open mind to not buy into the propaganda of what a sexy Black male is that's sold to us by every White porn studio, or ethnic studios and sites like ThugHunter, FlavaWorks, Pitbull, DawgPoundUSA, etc - most of which are White-owned.

The sad part of this if you care to look deeper is that Blacks are characterized by these racist White perceptions to be extremely aggressive during sex. But when you think about it, does it not make sense as to why they're so aggressive? If you know that the only reason your skin color is accepted is because you molded yourself to become a media-induced sexual image, might you use sex as a weapon? You would probably fuck aggressively not because you're that passionate a person, but instead because you're angry at: a)them for thinking that this image is what you must be in order for them to find you sexy, which in turn might make you not be true to yourself, and; b) mad at yourself for lowering your standards and catering to it. I think I would be dangerously pissed, and maybe even hateful of a Black man like myself who's man enough to be fearless at going against those racist rules and showing the body and mind God gave him. And then those guys of whatever ethnicity take this abusive sex out of historical guilt for jumping on the bandwagon of embracing that limiting image of Black males.

2)Take note of this status update I posted last week on Facebook about how these attitudes will catch up with these racist White males soon enough. I think it will explain plenty of how I find peace:

There's a reason I take pride in the fact I don't look my age. And to be honest, it's not arrogance. I actually consider it a gift from GOD. For let's look at the world around us, shall we - the GAY community.
Most American gay males, especially Whites don't look this young when they hit 41 UNLESS they've had work done. Why? Because there's a stress to acting like the "mean girls" in high school. T
hinking their White skin entitles them to be seen as "Oh so pretty" because they're threatened by a non-White's natural beauty and/or intellect. So in due time, it wears on you.
And what good is that "work" you had done, really? Your shallow ass winds up having to go in for touch-ups because the natural 98.6 degree of your body eventually melts the plastic and solution put in your face and body. Meanwhile, all I have to do is keep the same all-loving, calm mindset. So whether it's from gay media, party promoters, who are and/or cater to racist mindsets, while it annoys me at times, in the end, I know that I'm better off than them. Hence why I take solace in how in due time, and since some of the guilty are probably reading this, I will address them by saying---YOU will be that creepy old guy hanging out in the bars, trying to either buy off young patrons, go-go boys, and/or being one of's best customers. For no one wants to spend time with the wrinkled THING that time AND the ugliness of your soul has made you.

For the record, I'm not pissed off about anything. This is just a random observatory vent about the world around me. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! :-)

And on that note, I won't distract you from the message of this post with tales of my sexscapades. I will instead leave you with that message to think about, and hope you'll pass this message along to anyone you feel needs it whatever color they may be. Even if that person is yourself.

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