Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Ka-Ching On My Thing

Last year, on the 2nd anniversary of my retirement from porn, I wrote a post answering the question as to whether or not I miss being in studio-based porn entitled "Missing Porn". As with most things, when you address something and think you've said all you needed to say, over time you realize that there's either more to say on the matter, a different way for you to say it, or a combination of both. The preceding poem was a combination of both.

For obviously I still don't miss being in studio-based gay porn. But when I have those moments that I wonder if I made a mistake leaving it, I'm hit with a thunderbolt of reality reminding me of how I made the right decision.

Such as this response to the above video that I got from a Facebook friend:

Lastly, a big FYI:
The line in the poem about me taken penile injections for a movie is the only line in the poem that is NOT autobiographical. However, I do know of porn actors who have and still do it. But the most I myself have done is allowed myself to be instructed to take Viagra by some porn producers.

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