Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Out The Kinks - Cum Pig

Would I drink this glass of cum? Maybe, but you'll have a definite answer by the end of this post.

I have repeatedly said in blog posts over time about how much I like nature. To the point that in one blog post, I stated that I get turned on by watching science videos that show sperm production. Yes, this makes me a bit of a nerd.

With that in mind it should not surprise you that I LOVE CUM.

But what you probably know is just how much. I love the sight of cum springing from a guy's cock. In fact, the only porn I want to watch during sex is one like this video that I posted before of ejaculations from within a vagina.

But this time, the video would be from inside my ass while the sex is happening at that very moment. And how I feel about the guy would determine if that ejaculation is seen through a condom or not.

When I bottom, I'm always on the horns of a dilemma when the guy says that he's cumming. For I don't know whether to let him keep his cock inside me and feel it throb as he squeezes out that man-milk, OR to have him pull out like he's in a porn video so I can see the cum gush out of his dick. For whether I can see it or not, I know cum is  being expelled, which is either way a big turn on for me. I will say that my one pet peeve is when a guy pulls his cock out of the condom to shoot on me, and he gives me a towel to wipe the cum off. Because I love the feel of his cum on my skin. For me it's a temporary branding that says, "Sex happened!" And I have no problem sleeping with it on me.

In a past blog post, I reviewed the FlavaWorks movie, "Mixxxed Nuts, Vol. 2". One of the things I took off points for was because stars like Cody Kyler squinted their eyes when the top was giving them a cumshot to the face. This showed how the idea of taking a cum load to the face was imposed on them by the porn studio. For that squinting shows that the porn actors obviously didn't like it, but did it for the sake of a buck. And they did it poorly.

If you really want a cumload to the face, you are going to look at that dick with your eyes open wide like you're looking down the barrel of a gun that will shoot you in the face with the sweetest and tangiest of bullets once that gun goes off.

And if you get cum in your eye, and IT BURRRRNS.... your love of cum will make you just grin and bear it.

This may seem extreme to some of how far my being a cum pig goes, but I also like the smell and taste.
Yes, you read correct ----I said "taste".

If I know my sex partner is a healthy guy, which includes him being drug-free, I'm all for tasting his load. For I've had rare instances of tasting a drug-user's load, and as a drug-free person (therefore having my head on straight about what I'm tasting), I found the taste of the cum disgusting because of the drugs tainting the semen's natural elements.

So to go back to the question at the beginning of this post as to whether or not I would drink that glass of cum pictured,...the answer is NO. My feeling is shoot cum on me, or shoot it in me. But to shoot it into a glass? It's HOT to look at, especially as it's happening, but...it's big waste of some natural paste. ;-)

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