Wednesday, February 22, 2012

See 'Size Queens....' - REVAMPED

On December 3, 2009, I did a presentation at Sex Worker Literati, a reading event featuring past and present sex workers. My presentation was entitled, "Size Queens: The On/Off Switch". The focus of the piece was to compare how I'm to be a size queen in front of the camera, but the reality as I have vehemently stated numerous times on this blog how I abhor size queens, much less the possibility of being one.

It just so happens that comparing sex while on the clock with sex while off the clock is the theme of this upcoming edition of the reading series, Red Umbrella Diaries that I was invited to read at called, "Both Sides Now". So I am bring back "Size Queens: The On/Off Switch" for a new audience. Plus, I must revamp it. For when I originally read it, I had just announced my retirement from studio-based porn that September, but I was still using my porn stage name, "Tré Xavier".

Which reminds me to inform you, that in case you are not already aware, I now pronounce "Xavier" with its Spanish pronunciation (pronounced HAH-vee-air) to represent the Latino part of my heritage, as opposed to the American English pronunciation (pronounced ZAY-vee-ur) that I used while being known in gay porn as “Tré Xavier”.

With all that said, here's the flyer for the event.
If you are in NYC, stop by. And for more info on the other readers, check the link above. 

I hope to see you there.

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