Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My 5 Hats At Cum Union

I have been seeing the sex party, 
advertised for awhile now. It seemed so massive with it being held in various cities that it peaked my curiosity. When it finally came to New York, much to my dismay, I missed it. With that being the case, I became hellbent on going to the next one that was held this past month. And I'm glad I did.

Early on after I arrived, this hot bubble-assed Latino came onto me. He immediately wanted me to fuck his plump, round ass. Even though I've been to the space before for the Milk Chocolate parties, I didn't even get to take a look around at the crowd there before this guy started me on wearing the 5 different hats that I would wind up wearing during the course of the party.

He didn't take me to a play area. Instead, he took me to a wash area that's surrounded by curtains. For what reason, I have no idea. It was a sex party, so why the strive for privacy? Especially with my exhibitionist spirit. But anyway, that's what he was going for, and because I am such a free-spirit, I sometimes try to be more accommodating to my playmate in these situations. So I didn't care, just as long as I got to fuck his juicy ass.

He leaned over and I started pounding his ass. At first, guys knew someone was going on by seeing our bodies moving through the crack where the 2 of the curtains meet. Then we became obvious because my thrust into his bouncing plump ass made slapping sounds that got progressively louder. And his moans of "Oh yeah!" and "Ah fuck!", then me moaning the same shortly after as his hole became sweeter to my cock didn't help to make our fucking back there any less discreet. I had moments of slowing down to avoid cumming so soon after my arrival. But as soon as I slowed down, he started riding my cock. So when I started thrusting again, I really began pounding his ass, and making him no longer moan, but now actually speak his "Oh yeahs!" and "Ah fucks!" This went back and forth for a bit until I decided to quit before I'd get to the point of no return. Once I told him I needed a break, he asked me if I had come, and I told him that I hadn't. So he said that when I was ready to cum to let him know.

From there we went our separate ways.... for a little while at least.

Power Top
Way back when I first started blogging, had "Tre Xavier's Blog", and was a featured guest at the All Male Party, the apartment owner once raved about me to a guest complimenting my body, and how watching me top someone was "a thing of beauty". Well that "thing of beauty" must have become enhanced over the years because now after I'm seen topping one guy, it seems everybody wants to become my bottom.

It used to be that I walked into a sex party, most guys saw my ass, and they wanted to top me. Now, they still see and admire my ass, but they want my dick inside them instead. And tonight was no different - much to my chagrin since it's been almost 2 months since I really bottomed. So while I love the sensation my dick feels from entering a sweet hole, my hole was twitching to take in some gorgeous man's cock and milk him bone dry.

I must have been to the bathroom at least 5 times to wash off after either having my cock sucked and/or fucking a hole before reuniting with the Latino for another go-around.

This time, while I was fucking him, the Latino was sucking on a hot guy I later discovered was European. Everyone was cheering me on as I fucked the Latino, but I was focused more so on the egging on from the European, who kissed me while I fucked the Latino missionary style. I stopped fucking the Latino and let the European have a go at him, as I could tell the Latino liked us both. So that became the sexy routine - the vanilla of the European and my milk chocolate self tag-teaming the caramel Latino. A nice mix of color and flavors that should symbolize sex in America, I'd say.

At one point while it was my turn to top the Latino, some guy tried to put his dick in my ass. No making me aware of his face. Nothing! I HATE guys like this at sex parties. It's these kind of assholes that inspired "Sex Party Etiquette: Don't Rape Your Fellow Guests!". This was the 2nd guy in the night to try that. The 1st tried it on a guy who was bent over giving me a blowjob, and I put my hand over my cocksucker's asshole to cock-block the potential rapist.

After seeing and experiencing this, I believe that I speak for myself as well as many self-respecting guys with nice asses by saying this...

...Yes, my ass protrudes by nature. However, unless I physically or verbally gesture to you, that natural protrusion alone is NOT a sign saying "Open Season" for guys to enter my asshole. Furthermore, extreme horniness is NOT an excuse for allowing an override of a sane sense as to what is right and wrong to do to another person. Thank you.

Anyway, in spite of this enraging interruption, I was still able to proceed thrusting into the Latino. Then I let the European back at him. After that switch, the Latino decided to take a break. We didn't got anywhere but stand next to the bed. The 3 of us making out, and fondling one another. This made the break very short, because me and the European were hard, and the Latino was so hungry he asked us if we would double-fuck him. And the European and myself said "Sure" in unison.

Double Penetrator
The 3 of us went back to the bed. The European laid on his back. The Latino laid on his back on top of the European. The European held his thick cock to slide it into the Latino. The Latino guided it inside him. Then I positioned myself by spreading my legs as if to straddle the European, but instead simply got on my knees. I put my dick into the Latino and on top of the European's cock, and began thrusting slowly. But I quickly became anxious, and so did every the 2 of them as the Latino told me to fuck him fasteraway. The last time I was a double-penetration top, I was the guy on the bottom laying on my back, and it felt nothing like this. Because this time, between the tight hole of the Latino and the contour of the European's cock all rubbing against every nerve ending of my dick, from its head to its base, I once again, but even more so now feared that I could end up cumming sooner than I had hoped. From the way the European's cock was throbbing and the Latino's stretched hole was trying to squeeze both of our cocks with my thrusts, I could tell that they both felt the same way as I. And as long as I've been begging to be a double-penetration bottom on this blog, hot as that experience as a DP top was, what I felt from the Latino's body is the reason why I still crave being a DP bottom.

We stopped and none of us came. After a break, we did come back for one last round and continued by the European and myself tag-teaming the Latino. None of came us then either. And it wasn't that we didn't enjoy it. Why else would we keep going back together? It was simply because we wanted to pace ourselves for the rest of the night. After this point, we went our separate ways.

Power Bottom
After I once again continued being a power top with a couple more guys, the party began winding down. For some reason, this made the cute guys left finally see me as having potential as a bottom. Little did they know (or did they) of how before being a power-top at this party space, I was a power-bottom at other sex parties, my own bed, and on camera.

I was watching these 2 White guys fool around. They were fooling around together for awhile. One of them looked up and saw me, and started playing with me. Sucking on my dick first, which made me think I was about to be propositioned to be a top again. So the second he stopped sucking on me, I started playing with his cock, then I started sucking on it. And my loyal readers know that I blow my own horn about giving a great blowjob. Which evidently worked, because the guy got hard as a rock, and asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I thought to myself, "Finally! A cock in my ass!", and I assumed the position for him to fuck me doggy-style.

It had been so long since I had been fucked in the ass that I almost forgot how to relax my tight hole to take my partner in. Luckily, since I wanted it so bad, it was like riding a bike. I relaxed, opened my tight hole just enough to let him in, and he started pounding away at me. And it felt soooo good. To once again, have someone appreciate my originally well- trained sexual talent as a power-bottom that had been dormant for at least 2 months by that point.

Since the party was winding down, the attendants at the party were able to get some real playing time in. And there seemed to be a bullseye on my ass. I knew the Latin guy who ran the refreshment stand wanted me, but he was nowhere to be seen. Too bad. Because while I'm not normally into muscular guys, he was one that actually had a real shot at banging all that muscle on and into my ass. Be that muscle from his weight slamming into me, or in his cock throbbing inside me. If he wanted it, he could have had it. But since he left, his lost became someone else's gain. Such as one of the Black attendants took full advantage of his free time.

This Black attendant was standing there as the White guy fucked me. Once the White guy was done, he wanted in me. I decided to take him in doggy as well at first. Then I decided that I wanted him as close to missionary as I could get on that sofa that was already occupied by another 2 guys fucking next to us. So I got on my back, and he got on his knees. He started thrusting into me, and then he paused for a moment. I was wondering what he was doing, then I saw it. He was trying to stand up. He was skilled enough that he did so while his cock was still inside me. He then began thrusting away. I held on to his neck and let him have at me. At one point, I even began riding his dick from up there. There were points where I was holding on with just one hand. Was I nervous? Yes, I was. But my nervousness was overpowered by my reveling in my reclaimed status as a power-bottom.

Afterwards, as me and all of the remain guests got dressed, I became the talk of the room. I was referred to as a "gymnast". The Black attendant who fucked me said that he's tried that with other guys before, and they always beg him, "Don't pick me up! Don't pick me up!". But he experienced the complete opposite from me. I was all for it. And we both had a great time because of my adventurous spirit.

Now, the next Cum Union party is on the 18th of this month. So stop living vicariously through me, and go experience some adventures of your own. ;-)

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