Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Write That Down #36

I have often been asked what is the longest relationship I've ever had. When I tell people that I've never been involved with anyone long enough to really have a long term relationship, most show themselves to be moronic enough to be in shock. They don't seem to realize the fact that the reason it never went long enough to become a relationship for me is because while I know we all have flaws (myself included), there are some flaws that you can't live with in someone. And instead of holding on just so I can say "I got someone" when that someone is actually worthless, I got out when I saw the signs that the person's flaws were flaws that I couldn't deal with. Before getting to the point of months or years together, then ending up in battles over 
possessions and properties.

So what is moronic about their shock is what has inspired my latest "Write That Down" quote, which reads:

It really disappoints me when most people are shocked that I've never had a long-term relationship. What's disappointing is that most of the people shocked have had NUMEROUS relationships. And that practically ALWAYS means that they stayed in all of those "relationships" long after the signs appeared that they should have walked away from the person. All for the sake of saying, "I'm in a relationship".

You see, I love myself too much to commit frauds. 
Especially to myself.

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