Sunday, July 24, 2011

CHALLENGER: Give Me Straight and Lesbian Love

My CHALLENGER poetry series was created to challenge the LGBT community to undo the separatist attitudes that plague us and make us unfit to demand any kind of equal rights from the powers-that-be. Such an example of my conviction to this series is how I have NOT been one of the NY gays jumping on the bandwagon applauding NY State giving us the right to marry. It is because in my way of doing things, I work on what's wrong on the inside first before working on the outside in order to make an honest and superior presentation to the powers-that-be.

And because I see the LGBT community as a whole is perpetrating a fraud, no matter what rights today's activists may bring to my lap, I will still not be happy. For being as separatist as we are within our community, and doing nothing about it, we as a whole are not fixing what's wrong on the inside first. Be it size-queens amongst gay males, racism, and now as I present to you, sexism - I, by writing this poetry series with no LGBT media source that I have appealed to with it backing me up, am standing alone in trying to fix these problems.

But for things to get better, with us wearing honest needs to be WE.

Give Me Straight and Lesbian Love
I woke up to a good look
At the friends that make up my world
It’s so full of boys with toys
And practically no girls
I have some straight girlfriends
That’s common for a gay man
But I’m wanting more lesbians
To fill my heart’s demand
We have so much in common
With our desires and fight for rights
So why do we make it our business
To stay out of each other’s sights

Fellow gay males, you piss me off
When you want to see her banned
Showing yourselves to be simpletons
All because she is not a man
Scoffs for her just walking in the door
Your actions done to break her heart
Like the straights did exiling you
So it’s an action you shouldn’t start
You should bring down your turned up noses
Be better than our oppressors
For if we’re to make demands of them
We have to show that we are better

I love a night with the boys
She loves a night with the girls
But must our entire lives
Look like single-gender worlds
We may not have the orientation
That is needed to create life
But since it does take each other’s gender
Respect what made your living light

I don’t want to see 3 worlds
1 straight and 2 gay worlds
Let’s live in one world
Filled with boys and girls
Can we have fun together?
And not bond only in stormy weather
Call me “crazy” to want to dare and think
Being just a war buddy is not enough
Give me straight and lesbian love

© 2011 LeNair Xavier

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