Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting Out The Kinks: Step To Me - WET!

Originally posted on ThugPornBlog, July 28, 2007

I know I've mentioned it before. My love of the sight of wet hot guys. I love it to the point that I'm writing this blog entry with a hard-on because of all the images flashing through my mind to inspire all I'm about to say. 

I don't know what started this kink of mine, or how many people share it. Maybe it's because although I'm an Aries (which is a fire sign), my rising sign is Pisces, a water sign. Most Pisces and others I know who are water signs, have expressed interest in sexual and romantic scenarios involving water, which is what brings me to that conclusion about water signs being a factor.

It doesn't matter how he got wet. A guy being drenched in the rain is about the only time my kink for wetness gets turned on by a man being fully-clothed. His shirt clinging to his body showing definition of his body that would be a mystery to you on a sunny day. The day I started writing this was such a day in New York City where I saw so many cute guys with their dress shirts & T-shirts clinging to them. Therefore, it's not hard to believe that my 10-minute walk from the WTC PATH Station to my day job had me searching for a comfort-zone because I had a hard-on for most of the walk.

A guy taking a shower is a sexy scene. Occasionally, I can get turned on by a wet T-shirt here. BUT don't wear anything below the waist, and that includes underwear. I've taken showers with guys and although I've experienced it on a few occasions, everytime I step into a shower with a guy, I ALWAYS WANT HIM TO FUCK ME - HARD. I want to feel and hear those splashes of water from each time his wet groin slams into my wet ass.

Now we usually shower to get rid of sweat. For me, there's no hurry. The only reason you may have to rush to the shower if you're sweaty is because of the odor you might have picked up from the environment you were in before hand. Otherwise than that, I'm commanding him to take off his clothes, and get more drenched with sweat by putting in a workout on my ass.

The main body parts I yearn to feel when wet are the ass and dick. Me, loving a wet ass? That's no surprise.

But being that I'm not a size queen, you may be surprised to know that something like simple wetness makes me hunger for a guy's cock. I love going down on a guy with a wet cock, be it hard or soft, and no matter why it's wet - I want it in my mouth. It could be by the shower, sweat, piss, pre-cum, even pussy juice. And I've had a cock in my mouth wet by all of those things, but pussy juice. Well, if that bi-3-way or orgy I'm hoping for ever comes my way - it will be my lucky day. 

So I'll leave you with this old solo video of mine to further your understanding of this edition of my "Getting Out The Kinks" series. Or maybe you have had it all along, and just didn't realize it. Now you know. Enjoy.

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