Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What qualities do you look for when you're dating someone?

I look for integrity for obvious reasons. I look for a sense of self-awareness because I have no intention of playing a parent to someone. I look for a sense of humor, even about himself, because I laugh at my own screw-ups all the time, and he should do the same with himself.

What might surprise people is the fact that he doesn't necessarily have to have a job. Some years BEFORE The Recession, I once dated a guy who was unemployed, and I had no problem with his state of employment because he was striving for something. So the reason we stopped dating had nothing to do with him being unemployed, because he had another quality that I want - he was driven to go after his dreams. Our ending things however had everything to do with him being what I call an "emotional coward".

FYI - someone who constantly communicates via text messages OR always wants to escape to an FDA-approved drug for emotional issues is such a person and is NOT relationship material.

Someone I'm dating must find ALL sex beautiful. We may have a gay relationship, but he can't find straight, bi, or lesbian ugly. Straight sex is how we all got here, so he's a fuckheaded fool not to admire that. For if he doesn't admire it (or women in general), then he doesn't admire his own being.

Lastly, he CANNOT be an atheist. I have a strong belief in God, and while I admit to not being a saint or religious fanatic (far from it), my belief in God motivates the strength in my life's convictions. And he must share in having that moral compass with me.

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