Friday, April 8, 2011

The Right Party Weekend Minus Rites XXXII

From the list of parties I was considering attending in place of The Black Party in my blog post, "Black Party, Smart Parties", I did attend a couple. Now, when deciding to write this post, I had to figure out which party (or parties) gave me the best story to tell.

Well, while the Friday party I went to was quite a trip. So much so, that while I had the energy, but wasn't comfortable exhausting it, I used Saturday to rest instead of play with more cocks and asses. But that rest paid off, because on Sunday I released all the horniness I felt on Saturday, AND on Sunday. So I will admit, that on Sunday of Black Party Weekend, I was a MAJOR SLUT.

As I said in "Black Party, Smart Parties", I went to Michael Brandon's INappropriate Behavior Party to perform my volunteering duties. A friend recently told me that me saying that I'll volunteer at a sex party, that there will be very little volunteering going on.

Well, let me tell you one damn thing!...He's right.

Is it my fault that when I'm supposed to be monitoring the bathroom and making sure people go in one at a time, that there aren't enough guys around for me to concern myself with monitoring the bathroom over because they're all fucking on the bed? Or when I am at that post, hot guys start playing with me? Not at all my fault. But I do my best. Heck, I've even been fucked from behind while standing at my post doing my job at one party.

Anyway, the party started at 6 PM. I got there around 6:40, and unlike most sex parties that are filled with wallflowers by this time, I could see through the blinds that there was already action happening. Once I got undressed, and went in, I saw a 3-man ass-eating train with Michael Brandon in the middle, and a Latino whose name I can't recall was the caboose. I watched for a bit, then went upstairs. Only 1 guy was up there, so I came back down. I went back to watching the ass-eating train. It broke up, then I got in the action with the guys there.

Ian Jay was there, and I sucked his cock for a good bit, then the Latino came by, and I wound up sucking on him as well. Now being the ass-man that I am, and both of them having nice asses, I groped and massaged both of their asses while sucking their cocks. I also sucked on a big guy's cock in the midst of all this.

Shortly after, the crowd downstairs was thinning out until there was the Latino, a shorter guy, and myself. The shorter guy started eating the Latino ass, and I couldn't blame him, because like I said, the Latino did have a pretty hot ass. So I stood and watched, then saw the Latino look up at me. When I got closer he grabbed my cock and started sucking it. After that the Latino fucked the shorter guy, then we all went upstairs.

Upstairs, Ian Jay was on all fours on the bed sucking on the big guy I was sucking on before. The big guy was standing next to the bed. The Latino came up and started fucking Ian. And it was HOT! So HOT that after he was done, I ate Ian's ass, and took a turn fucking him. I had to stop because Ian's ass (inside and outside) was going to make me shoot a load so early after my arriving to the party. Ian sucked the big guy a bit more, then the Latino came back. But this time, after doing a few thrusts into this 2nd Round, the Latino looked back at me, and said, "Fuck me."

I came up behind him, and started fucking him. Next thing I know, slowly I feel their 2 bodies moving forward and I followed to where Ian is now flat on his stomach, the Latino is on top of Ian, and the Latino is being thrusted into Ian by me thrusting into him. Now take note that Ian Jay was the tallest of us, and little ol' me was the shortest at the top of the pile. But that wasn't the only way that the 3 of us formed a spectrum of some kind. A vanilla white guy followed by a caramel brown Latino followed by my chocolate self also made us literally, a "fucking rainbow". Once again, where are the porn cameras when you need them?

After we stopped, I looked down at my watch to see what time it was and if I might be needed to volunteer. It turns out all the blowjobs and all the fucking that I just mentioned ----happened within 30 minutes of my arriving to the party.

At one point of the night, Michael Brandon was there naked on the bed, as was I. We started touching on each other. Next, a conversation began between my libido and my common sense started going on in my head. My libido said, "Oh, LeNair?"

"What?", my common sense cautiously replied.
"It's right there."
"What's right there?", totally aware of what my libido meant, but asking anyway.
"The MONSTER!", referring to the nickname given to Michael Brandon's big dick.
My common sense gulped out of fear and replied, "I'm scurred."
My libido egging on my common sense, "Oh, you're a pro. There's nothing for you to worry about. You know what to do. Now, go on. Make me proud."

To be honest, I have never seen a Michael Brandon movie. I've only seen him in action through trailers from a movie I won at Will Clark Porno Bingo during my early days in porn. But I still knew that Michael Brandon's cock was huge. But being the Aries that I am always seeking an adventure, to be this up close and personal with it, I went for it.

When I decided to come to this party, I told myself that one of 3 things were going to happen between me and Michael Brandon. Either (a)I was going to suck his dick, (b)I was going to get fucked with it, or (c)all of the above.

Well, I wound up with choice (a). And it STILL is a story to tell.

I started sucking on his dick. And with the combination of him being sexually-charged and my being a skilled cocksucker, I could feel his cock growing in my mouth---longer and wider. As it was growing, I tried my usual thing of putting my lips over my teeth to avoid accidental biting or scraping. Now, with the exception of my ass (which looks like I tied a not-too-wide dark brown mantle-piece on my back), my body is well-proportioned, and that includes my lips. But Michael's dick was so thick that I had to really concentrate on keeping my lips over teeth. Even so, I knew I was doing a good job, because his dick keep throbbing in my mouth. Although that throbbing was making my lips lose it's grip over my teeth, I still made it work.

After I was done, a couple of the other volunteers told me that the renter of the space who hosts the EDGE party that I volunteer for wanted to see me. I told him the volunteer that I was "preoccupied".

The volunteer said, "Yeah, I told him that you were 'entertaining' the host."

I said, "Well, at least I'm doing my duties. Keeping the people happy." And we both laughed.

Now, you have often read about me doing Kegels to keep my reputation for having a tight hole. Can someone tell me how to get my mouth back correct after stretching to take in Michael Brandon's Monster. Or should I just accept it's well-stretched for the next big-dicked guy that I have to show my oral prowess to?

I stayed at the party until about midnight, as it was winding down anyway. From there, the night-owl that I am was not done. So from there, I went to The Cock for their Sunday night party, Sperm.

Early on after I got to The Cock, a short Latino seemed to be cruising me. We exchanged glances, and I smiled a bit. But since I wasn't certain of his intentions, I didn't put myself near him right away. But I wound up near him anyway because of the desperadoes that I had to keep moving away from, since they were trying to cop a feel of me without even making eye contact. They just kept either creeping up behind me, or standing next to me looking like a zombie. Checking me out (like the Latino seemed to be) is one thing, but the "zombie stare" makes me feel that even if they're good-looking (which they weren't), that giving them a night of great sex might put me in a "Fatal Attraction" scenario. And sorry, but no one is boiling my bunny. (Thank God I don't have one)

As I wound up near the Latino, I could feel his presence getting closer and closer to me. Then I could feel his clothes grazing mine with just enough pressure for me to feel it. Then his hands grazing my ass. And that was when I decided to stop teasing him, and let him know that I was his to have some kind of playtime with. We started taking each others' hands and feeling each other up, but still not facing each other. We went at this for quite awhile, then I turned around and we started kissing, and feeling each other up some more. Then he took my hand, and started walking...towards the bathroom.

I've said in the past that I don't do sex in public restrooms. Especially in a dirty dive like The Cock. But he took me to the other bathroom that actually had a door and the toilet wasn't right next to us, so I made an exception to my own rule because he was hot enough for me to do so. My only concern was the fact that the door didn't have a lock, so once in, he leaned his back against it. He took down his pants, and I started giving him a blowjob. For a little guy, he had a big cock. But after taking on Michael Brandon just a couple of hours earlier, my mouth was well-prepared. So I sucked on him until he was rock-hard. Then me being prepared, had some lube packets in my pocket, so I lubed up my ass while he got out a condom. And we went at it. And I knew all the haters outside the door could hear us because since he was leaning with his back against the door, when he was thrusting into me, you could hear the door banging. And this was whether he banged more vigorously, or I thrusted myself onto his dick more vigorously.

And the haters did show themselves. Queenie-sounding hating males at that. Banging on the door and whining things like "I gotta go pee", knowing full well that there's another bathroom with urinals just a few feet away. And as males, they don't need this bathroom. That is unless they really need to take a shit OR the usual, a hit of drugs of some kind. But I'm sure it was most likely the latter of those two, and/or they weren't getting any sex, so they didn't want anyone else to get any either. Well, maybe they could get some if they could keep their dicks hard enough to do something with it by not doing all those drugs. But anyway,...

...we ended things and parted ways, and considered continuing outside of The Cock. Because I enjoyed his dick, and he enjoyed my ass. For a moment there, I thought he was going to be the 1st trick I bring to my new place, but instead, we called it a night with each other, and had some individual fun with others.

What happened after? Enough to say that I did shoot a load by the end of the night. But was it at The Cock, or at someone's home?

That's for me to know, and you to ponder. Until next time....

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  1. Much more fun to have sex in public where people can watch (as long as ppl are respectful & don't try to horn in unless invited)...only reason I'll take a bathroom over that is if they'll kick me out for having the cock out (or in) in public.

    I didn't make it to the NY Inappropriate party cuz I was busy flipfucking with a hot Toronto boy all night long, but I'll be there in PS!


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